Sanitary Facilities Sample Clauses

Sanitary Facilities. Sanitary facilities shall be provided as indicated in the Specifications.
Sanitary Facilities. The Contractor shall provide a sanitary temporary toilet building as directed by the inspector for the use of all workers. The building shall be maintained in a sanitary condition at all times and shall be left at the site until the inspector directs removal. Use of toilet facilities in the work under construction shall not be permitted except by approval of the Inspector.
Sanitary Facilities. The Contractor shall furnish, install, and maintain ample sanitary facilities for the workers. As the needs arise, a sufficient number of enclosed temporary toilets shall be conveniently placed as required by the federal Department of LaborSafety and Health Regulations for Construction” and the Princeton University approved site logistics plan (when a site logistics plan is required). Drinking water shall also be provided from an approved source, so piped or transported as to keep it safe and fresh and served from single source containers or satisfactory types of sanitary drinking stands or fountains. All such facilities and services shall be furnished and maintained in strict accordance with existing and governing health/sanitary regulations. Use of existing Princeton University facilities is not permitted unless specifically authorized in writing in advance by Princeton University. All temporary sanitary facilities provided by the Contractor shall be removed at the time of Substantial Completion.
Sanitary Facilities. Latrines and urinals shall be provided at least 15 meters away from the nearest quarters separately for man and women specially so marked on the following scale.
Sanitary Facilities. The Leased Premises shall have water supply and sanitary facilities to the extent necessary to fully protect human health and the environment, and of the kind, location and quality as may now or hereafter be required by the rules and regulations of the Department of Health of the State of Nebraska or its successor and of the District.
Sanitary Facilities. The Employer agrees to maintain clean, sanitary washrooms, having running water and with toilet facilities, and employees shall observe the simple rules of cleanliness and good housekeeping in these facilities.
Sanitary Facilities. The CM shall provide and maintain sanitary facilities for all persons employed on the Work, beginning with the first worker at the Site. Said facilities shall meet the following requirements unless otherwise specified in the Supplementary Contract Documents.