Cooperation on forestry matters and environmental protection Sample Clauses

Cooperation on forestry matters and environmental protection. 1. The aims of cooperation on forestry matters and environmental protection will be, but not limited to, as follows: (a) establishing bilateral cooperation relations in the forestry sector; (b) developing a training program and studies for sustainable management of forests; (c) improving the rehabilitation and sustainable management of forest with the aim of increasing carbon sinks and reduce the impact of climate change in the Asia-Pacific region; (d) cooperating on the execution of national projects, aimed at: improving the management of forest plantations for its transformation for industrial purposes and environmental protection; (e) elaborating studies on sustainable use of timber; (f) developing new technologies for the transformation and processing of timber and non-timber species; and (g) improving cooperation in agro-forestry technologies. 2. To achieve the objectives of the Article 149 (Objectives), the Parties may focus, as a means of cooperation and negotiations on concluding a bilateral agreement on forestry cooperation between the two Parties. Such collaboration will be as follows: (a) exchanges on science and technology as well as policies and laws relating the sustainable use of forest resources; (b) cooperation in training programs, internships, exchange of experts and projects advisory; (c) advice and technical assistance to public institutions and organizations of the Parties on sustainable use of forest resources and environmental protection; (d) facilitating forest policy dialogue and technical cooperation under the Network of Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Rehabilitation in Asia- Pacific Region, initiated at the 15th Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Meeting; (e) encouraging joint studies, working visits, exchange of experiences, among others; and (f) others activities mutually agreed.

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  • Environmental, Health and Safety Matters (a) The Company is in compliance with all Environmental, Health and Safety Requirements in connection with the ownership, use, maintenance or operation of its business or assets or properties. There are no pending, or to the knowledge of the Company, any threatened allegations by any Person that the properties or assets of the Company are not, or that its business has not been conducted, in compliance with all Environmental, Health and Safety Requirements. The Company has not retained or assumed any Liability of any other Person under any Environmental, Health and Safety Requirements. To the knowledge of the Company, there are no past or present facts, circumstances or conditions that would reasonably be expected to give rise to any Liability of the Company with respect to Environmental, Health and Safety Requirements.

  • HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT 14.1 The Supplier Personnel must in all respects be or be deemed to be under the control and direction of the Supplier, and the Supplier will be responsible for complying (and ensuring that all Supplier Personnel comply) at all times with the provisions of all Company Procedures and all applicable health, safety, welfare and environmental legislation, including, without limitation, the Beach Energy Code of Conduct, which is available at the Company’s website xxxxx://

  • Environmental Protection Except as set forth in Schedule 5.13 annexed hereto:

  • Cooperation on Safety The Union and the Employer shall cooperate in continuing and perfecting regulations which will afford adequate protection to employees engaged in hazardous work.

  • Environmental, Health and Safety Contractor shall place the highest priority on health and safety and shall maintain a safe working environment during performance of the Work. Contractor shall comply, and shall secure compliance by its employees, agents, and subcontractors, with all applicable environmental, health, safety and security laws and regulations, and performance conditions in this Agreement. Compliance with such requirements shall represent the minimum standard required of Contractor. Contractor shall be responsible for examining all requirements and determine whether additional or more stringent environmental, health, safety and security provisions are required for the Work. Contractor agrees to utilize protective devices as required by applicable laws, regulations, and any industry or Contractor’s health and safety plans and regulations, and to pay the costs and expenses thereof, and warrants that all such persons shall be fit and qualified to carry out the Work.

  • Environmental and Safety Matters Other than exceptions to any of the following that would not in the aggregate have a Material Adverse Effect: (a) the Company and the Subsidiaries comply and have complied with all applicable Environmental and Safety Laws; (b) there are and have been no Hazardous Substances at any property owned, leased or operated by the Company now or in the past, or at any other location, that could reasonably be expected to result in liability of the Company or any Subsidiary under any Environmental and Safety Law or result in costs to any of them arising out of any Environmental and Safety Law; (c) there are no past, present, or, to the knowledge of the Company and the Subsidiaries, anticipated future events, conditions, circumstances, practices, plans, or legal requirements that could reasonably be expected to prevent the Company or any of the Subsidiaries from, or increase the costs to the Company or any of the Subsidiaries of, complying with applicable Environmental and Safety Laws or obtaining or renewing all material permits, approvals, authorizations, licenses or permissions required of any of them pursuant to any such law; and (d) neither the Company nor any of the Subsidiaries has retained or assumed, by contract or operation of law, any liability, fixed or contingent, under any Environmental and Safety Law.

  • Environmental, Health and Safety Laws There does not exist any violation by the Borrower or any Subsidiary of any applicable federal, state or local law, rule or regulation or order of any government, governmental department, board, agency or other instrumentality relating to environmental, pollution, health or safety matters which will or threatens to impose a material liability on the Borrower or a Subsidiary or which would require a material expenditure by the Borrower or such Subsidiary to cure. Neither the Borrower nor any Subsidiary has received any notice to the effect that any part of its operations or properties is not in material compliance with any such law, rule, regulation or order or notice that it or its property is the subject of any governmental investigation evaluating whether any remedial action is needed to respond to any release of any toxic or hazardous waste or substance into the environment, the consequences of which non-compliance or remedial action could constitute an Adverse Event.

  • Human and Financial Resources to Implement Safeguards Requirements 6. The Borrower shall make available or cause the Project Executing Agency to make available necessary budgetary and human resources to fully implement the EMP and the RP.

  • Environmental Provisions The provisions contained in Section 3.2.18 of this Agreement are intended by the parties to constitute “environmental provisions” as defined in California Code of Civil Procedure Section 736, and Lender shall have all rights and remedies provided in such section.

  • Function of Joint Health and Safety Committee All incidents involving aggression or violence shall be brought to the attention of the Joint Health and Safety Committee. The Employer agrees that the Joint Health and Safety Committee shall concern itself with all matters relating to violence to staff.