Section 8.1.3 Sample Clauses

Section 8.1.3. 3 Employees who have accrued sick leave while employed by another public school district in 4 the State of Washington shall be given credit for such accrued sick leave upon employment by 5 the District.
Section 8.1.3. 29 The immediate supervisor shall make final decisions regarding appropriate times during the year 30 when annual leave may be taken.
Section 8.1.3. 1. 27 Less than two-hundred and sixty (260) day employees shall use vacation on non-school 28 attendance days, winter break, spring break, or summer vacation. Vacation may be 29 granted by the supervisor on a limited case-by-case basis. 30 32 All employees subject to this Agreement shall be credited with hours of vacation credit, based on hours 33 worked during the anniversary year. Such vacation shall be earned, vested, and used by the 34 anniversary date. Ten (10) days of vacation may be carried over, a maximum of ninety (90) days, with 35 the written approval of the supervisor. Up to five (5) days of unused vacation may be cashed out in a 36 year. Two hundred and sixty (260) day employees may bank up to forty (40) hours per year to a 37 maximum of two hundred and forty (240) hours to cash out at separation at current hourly rate; or to 38 utilize for a documented medical emergency once all other available leave is utilized. 39
Section 8.1.3. 9 In the event an employee is absent for reasons which are covered by Workers’ Compensation 10 insurance, the employee may elect to receive only Workers’ Compensation time loss benefits 11 rather than utilize available accumulated sick/vacation leave. An employee may elect to 12 receive available accrued sick leave or vacation leave in addition to Workers’ Compensation 13 time loss benefits for the number of hours/days they are disabled from work. They may 14 supplement their Workers’ Compensation benefits with sick/vacation leave up to receiving a 15 full day’s pay of sick leave/vacation in addition to time loss benefits. The hours are deducted 16 from their accrued sick/vacation leave balance.
Section 8.1.3. 4 All part-time employees shall receive the following paid holidays that fall within the work year: 6 Labor Day Memorial Day 7 New Year’s Day Thanksgiving Day 8 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx Day Day after Thanksgiving 9 President’s Day Christmas Day 11 Juneteenth will be a paid holiday if it occurs during the school year.
Section 8.1.3. 1. 40 The District will provide coveralls for all shop personnel. Said coveralls will be laundered, on 41 a weekly basis, by the District. 42
Section 8.1.3. 2 Should a holiday occur while an employee is on vacation, that employee will have his vacation 3 extended by one day.
Section 8.1.3. Waiver of Past Defaults.................. 44
Section 8.1.3. 2. The employee will retain accrued other paid leave, vested vacation rights and 25 seniority rights while on leave of absence. However, vacation credits and other paid leave 26 shall not accrue while the employee is on leave of absence.