Confidential Sample Clauses

Confidential. The Purchaser acknowledges that the information made available to the Purchaser other than the SEC Reports is confidential and non-public and agrees that all such information shall be kept in confidence by the Purchaser and neither used by the Purchaser for the Purchaser’s personal benefit (other than in connection with this subscription) nor disclosed to any third party for any reason, notwithstanding that Purchaser’s subscription may not be accepted by the Company or a Closing may not occur for any reason if not consented to by Purchaser; provided, however, that (a) the Purchaser may disclose such information to its affiliates and advisors who may have a need for such information in connection with providing advice to the Purchaser with respect to its investment in the Company so long as such affiliates and advisors have an obligation of confidentiality, and (b) this obligation shall not apply to any such information that (i) is part of the public knowledge or literature and readily accessible at the date hereof, (ii) becomes part of the public knowledge or literature and readily accessible by publication (except as a result of a breach of this provision), (iii) is being disclosed pursuant to a subpoena or court order or is otherwise required to be provided by law, or (iv) is received from third parties without an obligation of confidentiality (except third parties who disclose such information in violation of any confidentiality agreements or obligations, including, without limitation, any subscription or other similar agreement entered into with the Company).
Confidential. Buyer shall not disclose or permit to be disclosed to any third party, the terms or existence of this Agreement or the underlying transaction, any of the reports or any other documentation or information provided to or obtained by Buyer which relate to the Property (collectively, the “Confidential Information”) in any way without Seller’s prior written consent, which may be granted or withheld (i) in Seller’s sole and absolute discretion prior to the Closing, or (ii) in Seller’s reasonable discretion after the Closing. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Buyer shall have a right to disclose the Confidential Information: (i) to Buyer’s lenders, accountants, employees, attorneys and other agents upon whom Buyer will rely upon or consult with in making acquisition decisions in connection with the transaction contemplated herein, provided that (A) such parties have been advised of the confidential nature of the same and Buyer shall be responsible for such parties’ breach of the confidentiality restrictions set forth herein, and (B) all such Confidential Information shall be used by such parties solely in connection with the transaction contemplated hereby; and (ii) if obligated by law or legal process to make such disclosure, in which case Buyer shall provide Seller with written notice prior to any such disclosure. The provisions of this Section shall survive the termination of this Agreement for any reason. [Signature Page Follows]
Confidential. It is understood and agreed by the parties hereto that the matters described in this Agreement and the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be treated as confidential by Employee and the Company and shall not be disclosed or made available by Employee or the Company to any third party without the prior written consent of the other party hereto and then only to the extent and only in accordance with the conditions set forth in any such consent.
Confidential. The Parties shall keep confidential all information pursuant to this Agreement and save and except which may be required to be disclosed under law or on need to know basis. The disclosing Party shall inform the other concerned Party(ies) of receipt of any such communication/notice/intimation requiring such disclosure to enable the concerned Party(ies) to take appropriate action, if required.
Confidential. INFORMATION In order to facilitate Consultant’s Services under this Agreement, it may be necessary for Company to disclose certain data and other proprietary information to Consultant that will, if possible, be labeled with the text “confidential”, and/or to provide Consultant with samples, which, together with any information generated by Consultant in performing Consultant’s Services for Company hereunder (collectively “Technology”). Consultant agrees to retain in strict confidence and not to disclose or transfer any Technology denoted as confidential to any party other than as authorized by Company. Consultant further agrees not to use such information for any purposes other than those of this Agreement. Upon completion of Consultant’s Services hereunder, Consultant will return all Technology copies and any remaining samples to Company, upon request by Company. These obligations of confidentiality and non-use shall not apply to technology: a) that was previously known to Consultant as evidenced by Consultant’s written records, b) that is lawfully obtained by Consultant from a source independent of Company, c) that is now or becomes public knowledge other than by breach of this Agreement, or d) is otherwise required to be disclosed by law. All information regarding Consultant’s pricing and Consultant’s procedural manuals, data, computer software, processes, process technology, means and know-how developed by Consultant and disclosed by Consultant to Company in connection with this Agreement is proprietary, confidential information (“Consultant Know-How”) belonging to Consultant. Consultant Know-How will be held confidential by Company.
Confidential. Unless otherwise specified at the time of submission or generation, Raw and Generated Data shall be deemed Confidential and may not be disseminated to any parties, whether or not they are DNS-OARC Participants. All such Confidential Data may be used by DNS-OARC and the other DNS-OARC Participants, provided that they (i) shall hold all Confidential Data in the highest confidence, (ii) shall not disclose, disseminate or publicize any Confidential Data to any person or entity, and (iii) shall take all action necessary or appropriate to hold all Confidential Data in the highest confidence. All Confidential Data shall remain confidential for a period of two (2) years after submission, unless a longer period is requested in writing by a Participant.