Confidential or Proprietary Information Sample Clauses

Confidential or Proprietary Information. The term “Confidential or Proprietary Information” for purposes of this Agreement shall mean any secret, confidential, or proprietary information of SunTrust or a SunTrust Affiliate (not otherwise included in the definition of Trade Secret in § 1.20 of this Agreement) that has not become generally available to the public by the act of one who has the right to disclose such information without violating any right of SunTrust or a SunTrust Affiliate.
Confidential or Proprietary Information. Subject to the Public (Open) Records Act, section 24-72- 101, et seq., C.R.S., as amended, if the Contractor obtains access to any records, files, or other information of the State in connection with, or during the performance of, this Contract, then the Contractor shall keep all such records, files, or other information confidential and shall comply with all laws and regulations concerning the confidentiality of all such records, files, or information to the same extent as such laws and regulations apply to the State. Contractor shall protect the confidentiality of all information accessed, used, held, created or received in connection with this Contract and shall insure that any subcontractors or agents of Contractor protect the confidentiality of all information under this Contract. Contractor shall access, use and disclose confidential information only for the operation and administration of the Contract, and shall not directly or indirectly disclose confidential information after the term of the Contract. Contractor shall implement appropriate safeguards as are necessary to prevent accidental or unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information and shall maintain a comprehensive written information privacy and security program that includes administrative, technical and physical safeguards for maintaining and transmitting electronic confidential information. Contractor shall promptly notify the State if Contractor breaches the confidentiality of any information covered by this Contract. Any breach of confidentiality by the Contractor, or third party agents of the Contractor, shall constitute good cause for the State to cancel this Contract, without liability to the State. Any State waiver of an alleged breach of confidentiality by the Contractor, or third party agents of the Contractor, does not constitute a waiver of any subsequent breach by the Contractor, or third party agents of the Contractor. The Contractor must identify to the State the information that it considers confidential or proprietary. This is a continuing obligation. Confidential or proprietary information for the purpose of this paragraph is information relating to Contractor’s research, development, trade secrets, business affairs, internal operations and management procedures and those of its customers, clients or affiliates, but does not include information lawfully obtained by third parties, information which is in the public domain, or information which is or could have...
Confidential or Proprietary Information. You further agree that you will hold in a fiduciary capacity for the benefit of Delta, and, during the term of your employment with Delta and for the two year period after such employment terminates, shall not directly or indirectly use or disclose, any Confidential or Proprietary Information, as defined hereinafter, that you acquire (whether or not developed or compiled by you and whether or not you were authorized to have access to such Confidential or Proprietary Information) during the term of, in the course of, or as a result of your employment by Delta. Subject to the provisions set forth below, the term “Confidential or Proprietary Information” as used in this Agreement means the following secret, confidential and proprietary information of Delta not otherwise included in the definition of Trade Secret: all marketing, alliance, advertising and sales plans and strategies; all pricing information; all financial, advertising and product development plans and strategies; all compensation and incentive programs for employees; all alliance agreements, plans and processes; all plans, strategies, and agreements related to the sale of assets; all third party provider agreements, relationships, and strategies; all business methods and processes used by Delta and its employees; all personally identifiable information regarding Delta employees, contractors, and applicants; and all lists of actual or potential customers or suppliers maintained by Delta. The term “Confidential or Proprietary Information” does not include information that has become generally available to the public by the act of one who has the right to disclose such information. Nothing in this Agreement is intended, or shall be construed, to limit the protections of any applicable law protecting confidential or proprietary information.
Confidential or Proprietary Information. Employee also agrees that Employee will not use, remove from Northstar’s premises, make unauthorized copies of or disclose any confidential or proprietary information of Northstar or any affiliated or related entities, including but not limited to, their trade secrets, copyrighted information, customer lists, any information encompassed in any research and development, reports, work in progress, drawings, software, computer files or models, designs, plans, proposals, marketing and sales programs, financial projections, and all concepts or ideas, materials or information related to the business or sales of Northstar and any affiliated or related entities that has not previously been released to the public by an authorized representative of those companies.
Confidential or Proprietary Information. (a) Except in connection with the faithful performance of Executive’s duties as an employee of Noble or pursuant to Section 8(c) or 8(d), Executive agrees that he will not, at any time during his employment with Noble or thereafter, directly, indirectly or otherwise, use, disseminate, disclose or publish, or use for his benefit, or for the benefit of any person, firm, corporation or other entity, any Confidential or Proprietary Information of or relating to Noble or the Noble Companies, nor shall he deliver to any person, firm, corporation or other entity any document, record, notebook, computer program or similar repository of or containing any such Confidential or Proprietary Information. For purposes of this Agreement, “Confidential or Proprietary Information” includes, without limitation: all trade secrets, intellectual property in the form of patents, trademarks and copyrights and applications therefor, ideas, inventions, works, discoveries, improvements, information, documents, formulae, practices, processes, methods, developments, source code, modifications, technology, techniques, data, programs, other know-how or materials, owned, developed or possessed by Noble or the Noble Companies, whether in tangible or intangible form, information with respect to Noble’s or the Noble Companies’ operations, processes, products, inventions, business practices, finances, principals, vendors, suppliers, customers, potential customers, marketing methods, costs, prices, contractual relationships, regulatory status, prospects and compensation paid to employees or other terms of employment. The parties hereby stipulate and agree that as between them the foregoing matters are important and material Confidential or Proprietary Information, which affect the successful conduct of the businesses of Noble and the Noble Companies (and any successor or assignee of Noble).
Confidential or Proprietary Information. Notwithstanding any document marking to the contrary, any knowledge or information that the Seller has disclosed or may later disclose to Purchaser, and which in any way relates to the goods or services covered by this Order will not, unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing by Purchaser, be deemed to be confidential or proprietary information, and will be acquired by Purchaser, free from any restrictions. Seller will not transmit to Purchaser any sensitive personal information, including, but not limited to, identified health information, financial information, social security numbers, biometrics or other personally identified or identifiable information of like sensitivity. Seller will keep confidential any technical, process, economic, or other information derived from drawings, specifications and other data furnished by Purchaser in connection with this Order (in whatever form or format) and will not divulge, export, or use, directly or indirectly, such information for the benefit of any other party without obtaining Purchaser's prior written consent. Except as required for the efficient performance of this Order, Seller will not use such information or make copies or permit copies to be made of such drawings, specifications, or other data without the prior written consent of Purchaser. If any reproduction is made with prior consent, this notice will be provided. Upon completion or termination of this Order, Seller will promptly return to Purchaser all materials incorporating any such information and any copies, except for one record copy. Xxxxxx agrees that no acknowledgment or other information concerning this Order and the goods or services provided will be made public by Seller without the prior written agreement of Purchaser.
Confidential or Proprietary Information. 2.13.1 Confidential Information Proposers should be aware that marking any portion of a Proposal as “confidential”, “proprietary” or “trade secret” may exclude it from evaluation or consideration for award. In the event that a limited amount of confidential and proprietary information is deemed necessary by the Offeror to respond to solicitation, any such information must be included in a separate section of the Offeror’s proposal response clearly marked as “CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY INFORMATION”. Do not incorporate confidential and proprietary information throughout the proposal response. Rather, provide a reference in the proposal response directing the reader to the CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY INFORMATION section. Elements of the proposal that define the contractual requirements, such as approaches to the statement of work, prices, and schedule, may not be marked as confidential and proprietary. Proposals not complying with these instructions for identification and segregation of confidential and proprietary information may be rejected. Information included in the CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY INFORMATION section of an Offeror’s proposal is not automatically accepted and protected. All information identified in the CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY INFORMATION section will be subject to review by the Lead State in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Lead State’s open records statute, freedom of information act, or similar law. Offeror must identify applicable law supporting their claim of confidentiality. The Oklahoma State Purchasing Director shall make the final decision as to whether the documentation or information is confidential pursuant to 74 O.S. §85.10.
Confidential or Proprietary Information. Respondent acknowledges its obligation to specifically identify information it contends to be confidential or proprietary and, if Respondent designated substantial portions of its Solicitation Response or its entire Solicitation Response as confidential or proprietary, the Solicitation Response is subject to being disqualified.
Confidential or Proprietary Information. The term “Confidential or Proprietary Information” for purposes of this Agreement shall mean any secret, confidential, or proprietary data or other information relating to the business of Carmike (regardless of whether that data or information constitutes a trade secret) that is or has been disclosed to Executive or of which Executive became aware as a consequence of or through Executive’s relationship with Carmike and which has value to Carmike, and is not generally known to Carmike’s competitors, including but not limited to methods of operation, names of customers, price lists, financial information and projections, route books, personnel data, and similar information. Confidential or Proprietary Information shall not include any data or information that has been voluntarily disclosed to the public by Carmike (except where such public disclosure has been made by Executive without authorization) or that has been independently developed and disclosed by others, or that otherwise enters the public domain through lawful means.
Confidential or Proprietary Information. Additional confidentiality requirements applicable to consultant agreements providing program oversight responsibility: