Staffing Levels Sample Clauses

Staffing Levels. To the extent legislative appropriations and PIN authorizations allow, safe staffing levels will be maintained in all institutions where employees have patient, client, inmate or student care responsibilities. In July of each year, the Secretary or Deputy Secretary of each agency will, upon request, meet with the Union, to hear the employees' views regarding staffing levels. In August of each year, the Secretary or Deputy Secretary of Budget and Management will, upon request, meet with the Union to hear the employees' views regarding the Governor's budget request.
Staffing Levels. 138. The SFMTA and Union acknowledge that there has been and may continue to be a reduction in the City workforce primarily as a result of reduced revenue. Upon request of the Union, if there is a reduction in the workforce that impacts working conditions, the SFMTA agrees to meet and confer on the impact of such reductions on the remaining workforce to the extent required by MMBA.
Staffing Levels. Current staffing in county jail facilities and courts should be carried forward as minimum staffing. Current minimum staffing levels for the county jails and courts are contained in Appendix B.
Staffing Levels. The Contractor shall provide sufficient qualified Quality Control personnel to monitor each Work activity at all times. Where material is being produced in a plant for incorporation into the Work, separate plant and field technicians shall be provided at each plant and field placement location. The scheduling and coordinating of all inspection and testing must match the type and pace of Work activity. The Quality Control Program shall state where different technicians will be required for different Work elements. 110-4 SUBMITTALS SCHEDULE. The Contractor shall submit a detailed listing of all submittals, e.g., mix designs, material certifications, and shop drawings required by the Contract Documents. The listing can be developed in a spreadsheet format and shall include:
Staffing Levels. 25.2.1. The Employer has the right to create, maintain and modify staffing grids or guidelines on each unit. Inspira will use reasonable efforts to adhere to the grids or guidelines. Inspira shall, in its discretion, consider the professional standards developed by recognized Specialty Nursing Organizations, as well as other health professional organizations, to further define staffing guidelines. Staffing grids and guidelines will be available in the staffing office. Inspira shall abide by all staffing guidelines promulgated by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services (NJDOHSS), and any accrediting or licensure agencies. Furthermore, in the event that staffing levels and ratios are mandated by state and/or federal laws, Inspira agrees to abide by such levels and ratios. The Employer shall notify and discuss any changes to the staffing girds with the Union before any such changes are made. To ensure that staffing levels are maintained as outlined in this Agreement the hospital may utilize incentives, such as:  Posting of overtime or extra timeOffering PIPVoluntary On-Call It is understood that the Employer may deviate from its staffing guidelines when following instances occur: o Unforeseen emergent circumstances o Patient emergencies o Unexpected Changes in patient volume. o Changes in Patient acuity o Unexpected call-outs It is understood that other circumstances may arise when the staffing guidelines cannot be maintained.