Physical Location Sample Clauses

Physical Location. Subsection 2 applies even if the place the information processing system is located is different from the place the electronic record is deemed to be received under subsection 4. [PL 1999, c. 762, §2 (NEW).]
Physical Location. For E911 Service to work properly, the E911 Service address in Provider's records MUST correspond to the physical location from which the Customer will use the Service. A P.O. Box is not sufficient to use as a physical address. The emergency service dispatcher will only send emergency service personnel to Customer's registered E911 Service address.
Physical Location. The Site is approximately 38 air miles southwest of Ketchikan, Alaska. The nearest towns are Metlakatla, 28 miles to the northeast across Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx and Hydaburg, 33 miles to the northwest on the western side of POW Island. The Site is located within the semi-remote recreational area of the Tongass National Forest within the Xxxxx Ranger District. While access is unrestricted, the Site is remote and only accessible by float plane (or helo), boat, or overland hiking through many miles of trail-less, rugged terrain. A floating dock at the location of one of the historic barge loading docks remains functional. There are no established USFS roads or hiking trails connecting the Site to other communities or roads. Site terrain varies from moderate slopes along the margin of the West Arm of Xxxxxxxx Bay shoreline and around the OSA to rugged, steep slopes with dense forest cover and incised steam channels that restrict access even by foot. Soil conditions at the Site are also variable, ranging from barren rock, rock rubble and thin patches of poorly drained soils at higher elevations (such as at the 700-Foot and 900-Foot Levels) to moderately deep, and well drained organic soil with forest litter cover at lower elevations. Xxxxxxxx Creek and its main tributaries, Mine Fork Creek and Cabin Creek, drain the eastern side of Bokan Mountain. Mine Fork Creek originates above the 900-Foot Level and joins with Xxxxxxxx Creek at the 300-Foot Level. The 700-Foot Level Creek, a minor tributary to Xxxxxxxx Creek, originates near the 700-Foot Level. Xxxxxxxx Creek flows to the east into the West Arm of Xxxxxxxx Bay. Cabin Creek joins with Xxxxxxxx Creek near the West Arm of Xxxxxxxx Bay. Xxxxxxxx Bay is a five-mile long fjord that opens to Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx on the east side of POW Island. Typical of fjords in Southeast Alaska, Xxxxxxxx Bay is characterized by a steep, narrow intertidal zone between the low and high water lines, and a subtidal zone below the low water line. The climate of the area is maritime due to the close proximity of the Pacific Ocean. The area experiences frequent and relatively heavy precipitation, with October through December usually being the wettest months. The annual total precipitation averages over 100 inches, with snow often occurring at higher elevations. The Site is located within Alaska’s Southeast Ecoregion and is comprised of subalpine, old growth western hemlock-spruce forest, marine intertidal, and marine subtidal habitats. No threate...
Physical Location. Each Asset will be delivered to and located solely at the physical location specified in detail in the applicable duly issued Statement of Work and/or Equipment Purchase Agreement, which shall include, as at the Commencement Date, the Initial Physical Locations (each such location, and any further location(s) agreed between the Parties pursuant to Section 2(8), being a “Physical Location”). Provider will further provide the Services or deliver the Provider Materials only to or in a Physical Location. Provider shall be entitled to refuse provision of Services at its sole discretion in any location which is not a Physical Location. The Parties may (without prejudice to Section 2(8) and Section 17) agree to add and include additional locations as Physical Locations from time to time in writing, subject to agreement in writing by both Parties regarding appropriate amendments to pricing, service levels, non-performance compensation, delivery dates or other commercial terms associated with the provision of the Services at such additional location.
Physical Location. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Headquarters’ Office 0000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xx. XX Xxxxx, XX 00000-0000
Physical Location. During the Term of this Agreement, HFUW will be responsible for maintaining the lease with Orange County for the property and building at 000 Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, which is the current physical location of the OUAC. HFUW and Orange County have entered into a one year lease agreement for the use of the building and the provision of certain infrastructure support by the County. HFUW will be responsible for renewing the lease with Orange County to cover the length of this Subrecipient Agreement between HFUW and the City of Orlando for operation of the OUAC. HFUW acknowledges and agrees that the building will not be shared space, nor used by HFUW or any other party for any other purpose than for the operation of the OUAC. HFUW will not use the building or the property to provide any unrelated services or as offices for any other program administered by HFUW. Notwithstanding the preceding, upon the mutual written agreement of the HFUW and the City, the physical location and terms of this section of the OUAC may be modified.
Physical Location. The officers assigned to this Task Force by their employer shall be referred to as task force officers (TFO). TFO will be assigned to the ATF Fargo Field Office and will be located at the Minot, North Dakota.
Physical Location v. Commits the Contractor will provide, at a minimum, one (1) Project Manager dedicated full-time to this Project.
Physical Location. GPH will be responsible for all physical locations necessary for operation of the health district in Geauga County. GPH will retain all health department services specified in this Agreement in Geauga County.
Physical Location. Equipment will be located at the following address: