Special General Meeting Sample Clauses

Special General Meeting. The Union agrees to provide at least ten (10) working daysnotice to the University of the date of the Annual General Membership Meeting, and as much notice as possible with respect to Ratification and Special General Meetings.
Special General Meeting. A.8.b.i A Special General Meeting may be convened by MSC in consultation with the Advisory Council.
Special General Meeting. 10.1 Subject to compliance with the provisions of Rule 11.1, the Committee may call an SGM at any time.
Special General Meeting. 45.1 The Trust shall call a special general meeting of residents in the following circumstances:
Special General Meeting. 27. Directors to declare interest.
Special General Meeting. 14.2.1 The committee may at any time, if it deems it necessary, call a Special General Meeting.
Special General Meeting. 10.1. A Special General Meeting (‘SGM’) may be called at any time by the Committee. An SGM shall also be called by the Secretary within 28 days of receipt by him/her of a requisition in writing signed by not less than seven members entitled to attend and vote at a General Meeting, stating the purpose(s) for which the meeting is required and the resolution(s) proposed.
Special General Meeting. (1) any timesummona specialgeneral meetingof shareholders after giving not less than fourteen clear days notice of the meeting.
Special General Meeting. 6.23. The Executive Committee may convene a Special General Meeting for any specific purpose during the year.