Silver Sample Clauses

Silver. (a) If Grantee sells unprocessed silver ores, or silver dores, or silver concentrates produced from Minerals, then Gross Value shall be equal to the proceeds received by Grantee during the calendar month from such sales. Grantee shall have the right to sell such unprocessed silver ores, silver dores and silver concentrates to an affiliated party, provided that such sales shall be considered, solely for the purpose of determining Gross Value, to have been sold at prices and on terms no less favourable than those that would be obtained from an unaffiliated third party in similar quantities and under similar circumstances.
Silver. (a) If Payor sells silver concentrates, dore or ore, then Gross Value shall be the value of the silver contained in the silver concentrates, dore and ore determined by utilizing: (1) the mine weights and assays for such silver concentrates, dore and ore; (2) a reasonable recovery rate for the refined silver recoverable from such silver concentrates, dore and ore (which shall be adjusted annually to reflect the actual recovery rate of refined metal from such silver concentrates, dore and ore); and (3) the Monthly Average Silver Price for the month in which the silver concentrates, dore and ore were sold.
Silver. Owner will be credited with 100% of the Winning Bid and PRC will charge Buyer a 15% Buyer’s Premium.
Silver. Units with a silver rating offer acceptable accommodations with furniture of standard quality and design. A consistent style is apparent throughout, although the unit may be a few yearsdated and lacking a bit in consistency and finishing touches. Bathrooms and kitchens may not be new but remain in good condition and reflect current styles. Overall, the unit is comfortable and attractive but typically does not exhibit the decorative enhancements of a gold-rated property. BRONZE Bronze units remain in serviceable condition, however are in need of improvements in order to meet the expectations of lodging guests. Units with a bronze rating offer just basic environments. Personality and decorating motifs may be present but typically are not fully coordinated; there may be a “pieced together” feel to the property. First impressions are “OK”. Furnishings and décor contained in each room of the unit are mostly utilitarian and tend to be dated (10+ years old). Interior components may be on the lower end quality-wise. EXHIBIT B EXAMPLES OF ROOM CHARGES Housekeeping Fee Schedule The following charges have been established for wholly owned rental properties within Lakeland Village California Resort: Unit Size Check-out Daily (Special Request) Studio/Loft 30.00 20.00 1 Bedroom 50.00 20.00 2 Bedroom 75.00 30.00 3 Bedroom 120.00 40.00 4 Bedroom 135.00 45.00 5 Bedroom 195.00 50.00
Silver. Pay for 95% (ninety five percent) of the final silver content, subject to a minimum deduction of 50 (fifty) grams per dry metric ton of the Concentrate, shall be paid at the official LBMA spot quotation for silver, as published in the Metal Bulletin in US$ and averaged over the quotational period.
Silver. The average monthly price for silver shall be calculated by dividing the sum of all of the daily London Fix spot prices (expressed in United States dollars) for silver reported for the month by Pxxxx’x Metals Week, by the number of days during that month for which such prices were reported.
Silver. 3.1. Fees: US $4,000.00. 3.2.
Silver. Pay for 95% (ninety-five percent), subject to a minimum deduction of 50 (fifty) grams balance of the final silver content at the LBMA spot quotation for silver, as published in the Metal Bulletin in US$ and averaged over the quotational period. CONSORCIO XXXXXX DE MÉXICO CORMIN MEX, S.A. DE C.V. a Trafigura Group Company PURCHASE CONTRACT 203-11CMX-020-0-P Gold Pay for 95% (ninety-five percent), subject to a minimum deduction of 1.5 (one point five) grams balance of the final balance of the final Gold content at the LONDON FINAL Quotation for gold, as published in the Metal Bulletin in US$ and averaged over the quotational period. Deduction Treatment Charge US$ 375 (US$ three hundred and seventy five) per dry metric ton of the Concentrate delivered basis DAP Manzanillo, Mexico or parity. This treatment charge is based on an applicable lead price of US$ 2,300 per dry metric ton and will be: • Increased by US$ 0.10 for each US$ 1.00 (US$ one) the applicable lead price exceeds US$ 2,300 per dry metric ton; All fractions pro rata.
Silver. Silver PLQoS is an unprotected Xxxxxxxx' Service but offers high availability. Xxxxxxxx' Silver PLQoS offers no fiber or electronic diversity. Availability for Silver PLQoS is 99.5%.
Silver. This is a relatively soft metal found naturally in the earth. It is a white metal, unaffected by water, pure air and majority of foodstuff. It is worn away by abrasion. Sterling silver is an alloy containing 92.5% silver and the remainder substantially copper, which is added to xxxxxx the silver, and yet not change any properties of the metal. Sterling is obviously more expensive than silverplate and is seldom used in hotels and other establishments. Silver plated wares are made from blanks or bodies of a nickel, silver and brass alloy. They are immersed in a complex solution of silver salts and by means of electrolysis, silver is transferred to the blanks. These articles are also called EPNS or electroplated nickel silver article. The tarnishing of silver is due to the action of compounds of sulphur present in the atmosphere and in certain foodstuff such as eggs, onions, juices, pickles, etc. the tarnish is silver sulphide and varies in colour from yellow, through xxxxx, to blueblack. Tarnish can be removed by –  Silver dips – Articles are dipped in an acidic solution of thiourea compound and then washed and dried. No friction is needed. This liquid attacks stainless steel and should be used only in a glass, earthenware, or plastic container.  Polivit method – the silver articles are immersed in a hot soda solution containing a sheet of aluminum for 10 min. During this period a chemical exchange takes place. The articles are then removed, washed and dried. The silver after being cleaned by these methods should be polished to restore it’s shine by any of the following methods –