Section 19.3 Sample Clauses

Section 19.3. 7 If any provision of this Agreement or the application of any such provision is deemed invalid, the 8 remainder of this Agreement shall not be affected thereby.
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Section 19.3. 13 This Agreement, except as otherwise stated, may be reopened and modified at any time during its term 14 upon written mutual consent of the parties. Such notification shall be in writing and shall include those 15 sections of the Agreement intended for negotiation.
Section 19.3. 35 Employees whose overall performance is found to be unsatisfactory shall meet with their immediate 36 supervisor at least twice per month for a period of four (4) consecutive months. 38 Section 19.4. 39 At the time an employee's performance is deemed unsatisfactory, the supervisor shall arrange a
Section 19.3. 18 This agreement may be reopened and modified at any time during its term upon mutual consent of the 19 parties in writing; provided, however, that any state identified salary increases for classified salaries 20 shall be passed through during the term of this agreement. In addition, state identified mandatory and 21 health benefit increases shall be passed through to all employees during the term of this agreement. 22 The District agrees to pay increments during the term of this agreement.
Section 19.3. 22 An opportunity to bid for realignment will occur no later than the third week of October on the district- 23 wide early release, if applicable. (In the event of a work stoppage, realignment will occur no later than 24 six (6) weeks from the first day school begins.). The October realignment will consist of all new or 25 open route packs that become available after August bid day, including routes that have had a gain of 26 an average of two (2) hours and thirty (30) minutes per week and all posted extra work, i.e., shuttles, 27 activities routes, etc. The bid sheets will be made available at least two (2) days prior to the October 28 realignment whenever possible. 30 All drivers will be involved in the October realignment subject to the following conditions. 32 A driver must meet one of the following conditions: 33
Section 19.3. Section 19.3 of the Original Agreement is hereby amended and restated in its entirety to read as follows:
Section 19.3. 41 If an employee receives a written communication from a representative of the District or immediate 42 supervisor that indicates deficiencies requiring improvement, then said employee shall be entitled to 43 have a representative of the Union or its designee at subsequent meetings regarding performance with 44 the immediate supervisor or representative of the District.
Section 19.3. 29 Supervisors will schedule a meeting with all employees receiving unsatisfactory marks on any section of 30 their annual or probationary evaluations to review the areas of concern and plan for remediation. For the 31 annual evaluations, this meeting will take place on or before that employee's last scheduled workday. For 32 probationary evaluations, this meeting will take place on or before the last day of their probationary period.
Section 19.3. 36 The District shall not be responsible for any tuition, fees, books or materials associated with the 37 apprenticeship program.
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