Section 12.3.1 Sample Clauses

Section 12.3.1. 10 If the employee is unable to return to work after sick leave benefits are exhausted, the District 11 shall continue to contribute, pursuant to Section 19.1, toward the payment of insurance 12 premiums with the intent of maintaining the employee's coverage at the same level as prior to 13 the work-related injury. This contribution shall continue until such time as the employee 14 returns to work, or the employee is released to return to an available position with the District 15 at the same rate and level of compensation as prior to the injury, or for a period not to exceed 16 six (6) consecutive months. 18 Section 12.3.2. 19 Pursuant to RCW 41.40.038, the District shall make all employer retirement contributions 20 necessary to enable the employee to continue to accrue service credit during an absence from 21 work due to a work-related injury for a period not to exceed twenty-four (24) consecutive 22 months.
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Section 12.3.1. 43 The District may direct an employee who is under provisions of xxxxxxx'x compensation 44 protection, prior to return to the active payroll, to submit to a physical examination, provided, 45 the District may select the facility and/or examiner, may determine the scope of the 46 examination, and shall pay all resultant costs.
Section 12.3.1. 38 The employee retirement contribution to a Public Employee's Retirement System shall be tax 39 deferred in accordance with applicable State rules and regulations. 41 Section 12.4. 42 All eligible employees working six (6) hours or more per day, or thirty (30) hours a week shall pay 43 fifty-percent (50%) of the retiree health care subsidy (HCA) and the District shall pay fifty percent 44 (50%) based on the K-12 Retiree Subsidy Matrix. 45

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  • Section 12.3 5 The District shall make required contributions for State Industrial Insurance on behalf of all employees 6 subject to this Agreement.

  • Section 14.3 24 The parties recognize that an employee should have the option of declining to participate as a member in 25 the Association, yet contribute financially to the activities of the Association in representing such 26 employee as a member of the collective bargaining unit. Therefore, as an alternative to, and in lieu of the 27 membership requirements of the previous sections of this Article, an employee who declines membership 28 in the Association may pay to the Association each month a service charge as a contribution towards the 29 administration of this Agreement in an amount not to exceed the regular monthly dues. This service 30 charge shall be collected by the Association in the same manner as monthly dues.

  • Section 11.2 Governing Law..................................................14 SECTION 113. Legal Holidays.................................................14

  • Section 4.3 11 The Association reserves and retains the right to delegate any right or duty contained herein to appropriate 12 officials of the Public School Employees of Washington State Organization.

  • Section 3.4 24 Each employee reserves and retains the right to delegate any right or duty contained in this Agreement, 25 exclusive of compensation for services rendered, to appropriate officials of the Association.

  • Section 11.3 No Personal Liability of Directors, Officers, Employees, Stockholders or Incorporators........................... 31

  • Section 17.3 13 This Agreement may be reopened and modified at any time during its term upon mutual consent of the 14 parties in writing; provided, however, that this Agreement shall be reopened to renegotiate Article XII,

  • Section 15.3 46 The grievance or arbitration discussions shall take place whenever possible on other than school time. 47 The employer shall not discriminate against any individual employee or the Association for taking 48 action under this Article. 4 5 Section 16.1.

  • Section 4.5 37 The President of the Association and designated representatives will be provided time off without loss of 38 pay to a maximum of three (3) days per year to attend regional or State meetings when the purpose of 39 those meetings is in the best interests of the District as determined by the District administration.

  • Section 16.3 16 For purposes of calculating daily hours, time worked shall be rounded to the next one-quarter (¼) hour.

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