Scheduling Considerations Sample Clauses

Scheduling Considerations. As the Chairperson, or their designee, makes course/section assignments, they will take faculty seniority, the faculty member’s preference, their assigned campus, and the faculty member’s full-time status into consideration. If these assignments cannot be agreed upon, the Chairperson shall retain authority to make a final determination of course assignments. Upon request, the Chairperson will give the faculty member the rationale for the assignment. The faculty member may request a meeting with the Chairperson and the Xxxx to discuss further the rationale of the assignment. An Association Representative may be present at such a meeting. It is expected that faculty will focus on meeting their workload within their department and content area. However, there may be occasions in which a faculty member wishes to teach a portion of their minimum workload or overload in a different department or discipline; or that due to an operational need, a Chair or Xxxx may request that a faculty member teach in a different department or discipline. In order for a faculty member to be considered for such assignment, the faculty member must be properly credentialed and current within the cross discipline. Any such requests to teach across departments or disciplines must first be submitted to the home department Chairperson for consideration. Chairs of both impacted departments must agree to grant a faculty member’s request to teach overload hours across disciplines and academic departments. The request will be considered after all full-time faculty of the department in which the faculty member seeks to teach have selected their desired overload. Such requests will not be unreasonably denied, and full-time faculty requests will not be denied in favor of an adjunct instructor. Cross-departmental teaching is voluntary, and faculty may decline a request from another department to teach outside of their home department.
Scheduling Considerations. 1. Contractor shall, from time to time, provide pickup and delivery service at a time and location that is coordinated with District. Specific pickup and delivery points and access to unit keys shall be discussed on an ongoing basis. District shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that a unit is available for service, as scheduled. District shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that a unit is available for service, as scheduled. District shall pay Contractor $135.00 per hour for pickup and delivery when equipment is scheduled and available.
Scheduling Considerations. The Chief of Police maintains the authority to assign a member:
Scheduling Considerations. 1. District shall determine the units that are due a maintenance service and shall notify Contractor at least five working days prior to the due date. Upon notification, Contractor shall schedule units for service, normally within five working days.

Related to Scheduling Considerations

  • Closing Consideration The closing consideration shall be delivered at the Closing as follows:

  • General Considerations A. The standard of care for all professional engineering and related services performed or furnished by Engineer under this Agreement will be the care and skill ordinarily used by members of the subject profession practicing under similar circumstances at the same time and in the same locality. Engineer makes no warranties, express or implied, under this Agreement or otherwise, in connection with Engineer’s services. Subject to the foregoing standard of care, Engineer and its consultants may use or rely upon design elements and information ordinarily or customarily furnished by others, including, but not limited to, specialty contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and the publishers of technical standards.

  • Special Considerations 12.1 The terms set forth below shall be in addition to the terms set forth in the respective sections of the Agreement:

  • Other Considerations A. Changes to an Approved Scope of Work: The Grantee(s) shall notify FEMA and shall require a subgrantee to notify it immediately when a subgrantee proposes changes to an approved scope of work for an Undertaking.

  • Additional Considerations For each mediation or arbitration:

  • Settlement Consideration In consideration for the Settlement, entry of judgment, and dismissal, and for the mutual release provided herein, HMA and KMA agree to provide the following consideration to the Class:

  • Environmental Considerations A. Company, its officers, agents, servants, employees, invitees, independent contractors, successors, and assigns will not discharge or spill any Hazardous Substance, as defined herein, into any component of the storm drainage system or onto any paved or unpaved area within the boundaries of the Premises. In addition, Company will not discharge or spill any Hazardous Substance into any component of the sanitary sewer system without first neutralizing or treating same as required by applicable anti-pollution laws or ordinances, in a manner satisfactory to Authority and other public bodies, federal, state, or local, having jurisdiction over or responsibility for the prevention of pollution of canals, streams, rivers, and other bodies of water. Company’s discharge, spill or introduction of any Hazardous Substance onto the Premises or into any component of Authority’s sanitary or storm drainage systems will, if not remedied by Company with all due dispatch, at the sole discretion of Authority, be deemed a default and cause for termination of this Agreement by Authority, subject to notice and cure. Such termination will not relieve Company of or from liability for such discharge or spill.

  • Stock Consideration 3 Subsidiary........................................................................................................9

  • PRIORITY HIRING CONSIDERATIONS If this Contract includes services in excess of $200,000, the Contractor shall give priority consideration in filling vacancies in positions funded by the Contract to qualified recipients of aid under Welfare and Institutions Code Section 11200 in accordance with Pub. Contract Code §10353.

  • THE SETTLEMENT CONSIDERATION 9. In consideration of the settlement of the Released Plaintiffs’ Claims against Defendants and the other Defendants’ Releasees, Salix, on behalf of all Defendants, shall pay or cause to be paid the Settlement Amount into the Escrow Account as follows: (a) fifty percent (50%) of the Settlement Amount to be deposited into the Escrow Account no later than ten (10) business days after the date of entry by the Court of an order preliminarily approving the Settlement; and (b) the remaining fifty percent (50%) of the Settlement Amount to be so deposited no later than sixty (60) days after the date that the initial payment was due.