American Arbitration Association Sample Clauses

American Arbitration Association. In the event no agreement is reached within three (3) mediation sessions or twenty-one (21) days after the assignment of the mediator, whichever comes later, the parties shall jointly petition the American Arbitration Association (AAA) for a list of arbitrators.
American Arbitration Association. The arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association, except with respect to the selection of arbitrators which shall be as provided in this Section 12. The cost of any arbitration proceeding hereunder shall be borne equally by the Company and the Executive. The award of the arbitrators shall be binding upon the parties. Judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrators may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.
American Arbitration Association. Whenever the Company is a party to any dispute, any party whose interests are not aligned with the Company may demand that the Committee instruct the American Arbitration Association to provide the parties with a list of arbitrators pursuant to Section 4.3 in lieu of the Company supplying such list. In addition, in connection with such dispute, the Committee shall not perform any of those responsibilities charged to it pursuant to Section 5.5 and the dispute shall instead be resolved in accordance with the arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association for the resolution of commercial disputes.
American Arbitration Association. Any dispute arising out of, in connection with, or in relation to this agreement or the making of validity thereof or its interpretation or any breach thereof shall be determined and settled by arbitration in New York City by a sole arbitrator pursuant to the rules and regulations then obtaining of the American Arbitration Association and any award rendered therein shall be final and conclusive upon the parties, and a judgment thereon may be entered in the highest court of the forum, state or federal, having jurisdiction. The service of any notice, process, motion or other document in connection with an arbitration award under this agreement or for the enforcement of an arbitration award hereunder may be effectuated by either personal service or by certified or registered mail to the respective addresses provided herein.
American Arbitration Association. If the decision is not satisfactory, the Union may appeal such decision within ten (10) calendar days after receipt to arbitration by the American Arbitration Association. The decision of such Association shall be final and binding upon all parties. Expenses relating to any action before the American Arbitration Association shall be shared equally by the Union and the Town.
American Arbitration Association. If a single neutral arbitrator cannot be agreed upon within 30 calendar days after a dispute has arisen which is to be decided by arbitration, the arbitration shall be conducted by a panel of three neutral arbitrators. Otherwise, the arbitration shall be conducted by a single neutral arbitrator. The parties shall endeavor to select neutral arbitrators by mutual agreement. If such agreement cannot be reached within 30 calendar days after a dispute has arisen which is to be decided by arbitration, each party shall select its own neutral arbitrator within 15 days of the expiration of such 30-day period and the two neutral arbitrators so selected shall select a third neutral arbitrator within 10 days of the expiration of such 15-day period. The 3 persons thus selected shall be the arbitrators for such arbitration. If three arbitrators are selected, the arbitrators shall elect a chairperson to preside at all meetings and hearings. If a dispute is to be resolved by a sole arbitrator in accordance with the terms hereof, or if the dispute is to be resolved by a panel of three arbitrators as provided hereinabove, then such sole arbitrator or the chairperson of such panel, as the case may be, shall be a member of a state bar engaged in the practice of law in the United States or a retired member of a state or the federal judiciary in the United States. The award of the arbitrator(s) shall require a majority of the arbitrators in the case of a panel of arbitrators, shall be in writing and reasoned, shall be based on the evidence admitted and the substantive law of England and Wales and shall contain an award for each issue and counterclaim. The award shall be made within 30 days following the close of the final hearing and the filing of any post hearing briefs authorized by the arbitrator(s). The award of the arbitrator(s) shall be final and binding on the parties hereto and the subject matter. Judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered by any court having jurisdiction. The place of arbitration shall be in Houston, Texas. Each party shall be entitled to inspect and obtain a copy of relevant documents in the possession or control of the other party and to take depositions of the other parties' employees, agents, representatives and witnesses (including expert witnesses). All such discovery shall be in accordance with procedures approved by the arbitrator(s). Unless otherwise provided in the award, each party shall bear its own costs of discov...
American Arbitration Association. Except as expressly provided herein to the contrary, the arbitration proceeding shall be conducted under the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association in effect at the time a demand for arbitration is made. To the extent that there is any conflict between the rules of the American Arbitration Association and this Article 10, this Article 10 shall govern and determine the rights of the parties hereto.
American Arbitration Association. Either party may notify the other party at any time of the existence of an arbitrable controversy by delivery in person or by certified mail of a Notice of Arbitrable Controversy. Upon receipt of such a Notice, the parties shall attempt in good faith to resolve their differences within fifteen (15) days after the receipt of such Notice. Notice to the Company and the Executive shall be sent to the addresses specified in Section 8 above. If the dispute cannot be resolved within the fifteen (15) day period, either party may file a written Demand for Arbitration with the American Arbitration Association's Atlanta, Georgia Regional Office, and shall send a copy of the Demand for Arbitration to the other party. The arbitration shall be conducted before a panel of three (3) arbitrators. The arbitrators shall be selected as follows (a) The party filing the Demand for Arbitration shall simultaneously specify his or its arbitrator, giving the name, address and telephone number of said arbitrator; (b) The party receiving such notice shall notify the party demanding the arbitration of his or its arbitrator, giving the name, address and telephone number of the arbitrator within five (5) days of the receipt of such Demand for Arbitration; (c) A neutral person shall be selected through the American Arbitration Association's arbitrator selection procedures to serve as the third arbitrator. The arbitrator designated by any party need not be neutral. In the event that any person fails or refuses timely to name his arbitrator within the time specified in this Section 9, the American Arbitration Association shall (immediately upon notice from the other party) appoint an arbitrator. The arbitrators thus constituted shall promptly meet, select a chairperson, fix the time, date(s) and place of the hearing, and notify the parties. To the extent practical, the arbitrators shall schedule the hearing to commence within sixty (60) days after the arbitrators have been impaneled. A majority of the panel shall render an award within ten (10) days of the completion of the hearing, which award may include an award of interest, legal fees and costs of arbitration. The panel of arbitrators shall promptly transmit an executed copy of the award to the respective parties. The award of the arbitrators shall be final binding and conclusive upon the parties hereto. Each party shall have the right to have the award enforced by any court of competent jurisdiction. Executive initials: /s/ ERS Compan...