Claims History Sample Clauses

Claims History. Annually, Borrower must submit to Lender a Claims History and a summary of any pending or settled actions, suits, claims or proceedings filed against Borrower, any Facility Operator, the Mortgaged Property, or a Borrower Principal. The Claims History must be submitted no later than the date on which Borrower’s annual statement of income and expenses must be delivered to Lender pursuant to Section 6.07(b)(ii)(A) and must be delivered annually until the Indebtedness is paid in full.
Claims History. You must, within 40 Business Days of receiving a written request from the Hospital, provide to the Hospital your Record of Health Care Claims History for the past 6 year period.
Claims History. Schedule 2.27 sets forth (a) a complete and accurate list of all pending claims for each Company that involve amounts in excess of $1,000; (b) TRETS' monthly penalty reports for March 2002 through August 2003; (c) a listing of TFHC claims for September 2001 through August 2003 sorted by state; and (d) TRETS claims paid by manual check, sorted by month, for the 24-month period ended August 31, 2003.
Claims History. This has an influence on underwriter’s decision and must, therefore, be truthfully answered. Details of all previous related losses, whether insured or not, must be correctly given.

Related to Claims History

  • Claims and Suits (a) The Receiver shall have the right, in its discretion, to (i) defend or settle any claim or suit against the Assuming Bank with respect to which the Receiver has indemnified the Assuming Bank in the same manner and to the same extent as provided in Article XII, and (ii) defend or settle any claim or suit against the Assuming Bank with respect to any Liability Assumed, which claim or suit may result in a loss to the Receiver arising out of or related to this Agreement, or which existed against the Failed Bank on or before Bank Closing. The exercise by the Receiver of any rights under this Section 9.3(a) shall not release the Assuming Bank with respect to any of its obligations under this Agreement.

  • Claims Processing BCBSM will process Provider's Clean Claims submitted in accordance with this Agreement in a timely fashion.

  • Claims Plus Claims Plus is a service that provides notice to Registrars that a domain name they are trying to register matches a trademark registered in a trademark database used by the Registry Operator. SPECIFICATION 1 CONSENSUS POLICIES AND TEMPORARY POLICIES SPECIFICATION

  • Claims and Review Procedures 6.1 For all claims other than disability benefits:

  • Claims Released The claims released by you with respect to the Releasees include all claims, promises, debts, causes of action or similar rights of any type or nature contingent or non-contingent, matured or unmatured, liquidated or unliquidated, whether or not known, suspected or claimed you have or had or may have which in any way relate to the payment under this Agreement, your employment with the Company or the cessation of that employment. The claims you are releasing include, but are not limited to, claims arising under any: Anti-Discrimination Statutes, such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. §1981; Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; the Fair Labor Standards Act (including the Equal Pay Act) which prohibit race, color, religion, sex and national origin discrimination in employment; the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (29 U.S.C. §621 through 634) and all amendments thereto, which prohibits age discrimination in employment; the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, which prohibits all forms of harassment, discrimination and retaliation; the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities; the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993; the California Family Rights Act; any other federal, state or municipal statute or ordinance relating to discrimination in employment or unfair employment practices; or any compensation-related claim including but not limited to misclassification, unpaid wages or penalties, overtime, meal and rest period pay, severance pay, bonus, sick leave, holiday pay, vacation pay, life insurance, health or medical insurance, employee benefit plan, or any other fringe benefit; and Other laws, such as the California Constitution and the California Labor Code which regulates wages, hours and working conditions, workers’ compensation laws and all other laws which regulate employment in California or elsewhere; or any other federal, state or local laws whether based on statute, regulation or common law, providing recourse for alleged wrongful discharge, breach of contract (actual or implied), breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, physical or personal injury, privacy, emotional distress, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, libel, slander, defamation, assault, battery, other torts, and similar or related claims. Notwithstanding, this release shall not apply to any obligations that you have under this Agreement.

  • Policy Grievance A complaint or grievance arising directly between the Hospital and the Union concerning the interpretation, application or alleged violation of the Agreement shall be originated at Step 2 within ten (10) days following the circumstances giving rise to the grievance. It is expressly understood, however, that the provisions of this Article may not be used with respect to a grievance directly affecting an employee which she could have instituted herself and the regular grievance procedure shall not be thereby by-passed. Where the grievance is a Hospital grievance it shall be filed with the Union/Grievance Committee.

  • Policy Grievances Where either Party to this Agreement disputes the general application, interpretation or alleged violation of an article of this Agreement, the dispute shall be discussed initially with the District Manager, his/her designate or the Union within twenty-one (21) calendar days of the occurrence. Where no satisfactory agreement is reached, either Party within a further twenty-one (21) calendar days, may submit the dispute to arbitration, as set out in Article 9 of this Agreement.

  • Claims and Review Procedure In the event that any claim for benefits that must initially be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors, is denied (in whole or in part) hereunder, the claimant shall receive from First Charter a notice of denial in writing within 60 days, written in a manner calculated to be understood by the claimant, setting forth the specific reasons for denial, with specific reference to pertinent provisions of this Supplemental Agreement. Any disagreements about such interpretations and construction shall be submitted to an arbitrator subject to the rules and procedures established by the American Arbitration Association. The arbitrator shall be acceptable to both First Charter and the Executive (or Beneficiary); if the parties cannot agree on a single arbitrator, the disagreement shall be heard by a panel of three arbitrators, with each party to appoint one arbitrator and the third to be chosen by the other two. No member of the Board of Directors shall be liable to any person for any action taken under Article VIII except those actions undertaken with lack of good faith.

  • Claims and Legal Actions Except for any FCC rulemaking proceedings generally affecting the broadcasting industry, and except as set forth on Schedule 3.4, to the best of Seller's knowledge, there is no claim, legal action, counterclaim, nor any order, decree or judgment, in progress or pending, or to the knowledge of Seller threatened, against or relating to Seller with respect to its ownership or operation of the Station or otherwise relating to the Assets or the business or operations of the Station, nor does Seller know or have reason to be aware of any basis for the same. In particular, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, and except as forth on Schedule 3.14, to the best of Seller's knowledge, there are no applications, complaints or proceedings pending or, to the best of its knowledge, threatened (i) before the FCC relating to the business or operations of the Station other than rule making proceedings which affect the radio industry generally, (ii) before any federal or state agency relating to the business or operations of the Station involving charges of illegal discrimination under any federal or state employment laws or regulations, or (iii) before any federal, state, or local agency relating to the business or operations of the Station involving zoning issues under any federal, state, or local zoning law, rule, or regulation.

  • Claims and Litigation No pending or, to the Company's knowledge, threatened, claims, suits or other proceedings exist with respect to any Employee Benefit Plan other than normal benefit claims filed by participants or beneficiaries.