Equipment Cost definition

Equipment Cost means, for any Item of Equipment, the gross amount paid by the Company to the manufacturer thereof, including all applicable sales taxes, and delivery charges as invoiced by such manufacturer to the Company.
Equipment Cost means the equipment cost as described on the Site.
Equipment Cost means, for each Unit, the purchase price therefor paid by the Owner Trustee to the Lessee pursuant to Section 2 of the Participation Agreement and as set forth in Schedule 1 to the Participation Agreement with respect to such Unit. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Operative Agreements, the Equipment Cost for any Replacement Unit shall be deemed to be the Equipment Cost or deemed Equipment Cost of the Unit replaced by such Replacement Unit.

Examples of Equipment Cost in a sentence

  • Each payment of Rent includes a principal amount based on the Equipment Cost and a lease charge rate.

  • LESSOR (LESSEE) Using Agency: By: (Authorized Approval By - Name) Title: Date: TERM LEASE QUOTE FORM Lease Period - months From till (Date) (Date) Original Equipment Cost Less Residual Value of Equipment Ancillary costs (itemize and attach separately) – Total Total Cost for Lease Interest Rate Spread Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Lease Payment (circle one) Lease Payment Schedule (Level Payments) - to be attached This quote issued as of , based on the three (3) year U.

  • The cost of all items of Equipment described on Exhibit A shall not exceed $ of which the Equipment Cost (herein so called) of $ is financed hereunder, and shall be disbursed in such amounts applicable to this Equipment Schedule as are reflected in Attachment A to the Lease, provided that the Equipment has been delivered to the location specified on Exhibit A hereto.

  • Financing Costs, for the purpose of determining the Actual Equipment Cost, shall be evidenced by (1) providing a statement from the Approved Lender of all incurred or accrued interest charges and related financing costs or charges owing by TBITEC in connection with the Financing Arrangement or (2) if TBITEC uses its own funds, a calculation of accrued interest certified by an officer of TBITEC.

  • Once the Xxxx acquired and leased pursuant to the terms of this Agreement the Equipment in an amount at least equal to the Maximum Equipment Cost, the Existing Equipment (excluding any portion of the Existing Equipment that constitutes Equipment) shall be released from the lien and lease of this Agreement upon the written consent of the Lessor (which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld).

More Definitions of Equipment Cost

Equipment Cost means the reason- able cost of fire safety equipment fully installed as estimated by the Secretary of Health and Human Services and as determined by the Commissioner.
Equipment Cost means the amount Lessor pays for the Equipment and any similar costs with respect to the Equipment.
Equipment Cost means, for each Unit, the cost thereof as set forth in Schedule 1 to the Loan Agreement Supplement for such Unit.
Equipment Cost means the total amount paid by the Second Trustee from the Acquisition Fund on behalf of a Participating District to the Vendors for a particular piece of Equipment.
Equipment Cost means, with respect to any item of Equipment acquired by a Borrower with the proceeds of a Loan, the Invoice Price therefor, and with respect to any item of Equipment not acquired by a Borrower with the proceeds of a Loan, the net book value therefor determined in accordance with GAAP.
Equipment Cost means the cost of movable equipment, including movable medical equipment, and the cost of making this equipment operational (e.g., installation costs).
Equipment Cost means cost towards procurement, installation and commissioning of testing equipment only that are required for the providing the Services under the Project;