Responses Sample Clauses

Responses. Data Controller will be solely responsible for responding to any Data Subject Requests, provided that Data Processor shall reasonably cooperate with the Data Controller to respond to Data Subject Requests to the extent Data Controller is unable to fulfill such Data Subject Requests using the functionality in the Subscription Service. Data Processor will instruct the Data Subject to contact the Customer in the event Data Processor receives a Data Subject Request directly.
Responses. Awardees will be provided an adequate time to prepare and submit responses based on the estimated dollar value and complexity of the proposed TO. The due date shall be set forth in each proposed TO. Responses will be streamlined and succinct to the extent practical based on the dollar value and complexity of the work. All proposals, including those offered by the Prime contractor and their subcontracts, shall be submitted exclusively through the SeaPort Portal. Responses will not be a proposal as defined in FAR 15, but only sufficient information to be considered in accordance with FAR 16.
Responses. Responses to questions or other written requests for clarification may be posted on the ESBD. The System Agency reserves the right to amend answers prior to the deadline of Solicitation Responses. Amended answers may be posted on the ESBD. It is Respondent's responsibility to check the ESBD or contact the Point of Contact for updated responses. The System Agency also reserves the right to decline to answer any question or questions or to provide a single consolidated response of all questions they choose to answer in any manner at the System Agencies sole discretion.
Responses. Department Heads/Division Managers shall respond within ten (10) working days by returning resumes to the originating Department Head with a response either positive or negative indicated thereon. The responses shall indicate present and foreseeable vacancies, which may be developing within the next six (6) months.
Responses. 4.1 Routine enquiries will not require a written response from services in every case. Services should advise, however, where a routine enquiry cannot be responded to within a reasonable time, dependant on circumstances Where a Council official deems it appropriate, a copy of any written response regarding a routine enquiry may be sent to the appropriate Argyll and Bute Councillor.
Responses. If a response to an Electronic Transaction is required, any such Electronic Transaction which has been properly received shall not give rise to any obligation unless and until the Trading Partner initially transmitting such Electronic Transaction has properly received in return a response Electronic Transaction, as specified in Appendix A.
Responses. Proposal must include point-by-point responses to the RFP. • Proposal must include a list of any exceptions to the requirements. • Proposal must include the legal name of the vendor and must be signed by a person or persons legally authorized to bind the vendor to a contract. • If applicable, proposal must include a copy of the contract(s) the vendor will submit to be signed. • Any and all proposal requirements must be met prior to submission. • The bidder understands and accepts the non-appropriation of funds provision of the Xxxxxx County Government. • If noted in the section “proposal requirements” or later requested, the contractor will be required to provide a reference list of clients that have a current contract for services with their company.
Responses. The licensed teacher may respond in writing to items in the files.
Responses. The status (whether success or some type of failure) are indicated in the response as HTTP status codes, with additional information in the content, wherever needed. The response status codes and information are described below. Http Status Code Meaning Description 201 CREATED The stats data was saved successfully
Responses. If a response to a Document is required, any such Document which has been properly received shall not give rise to any obligation unless and until the Trade Partner initially transmitting such Document has properly received in return the required response transaction.