Resident Responsibilities Sample Clauses

Resident Responsibilities. The resident has the responsibility:
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Resident Responsibilities. The Resident agrees to pay all fees specified, to observe all rules and regulations of the University of Connecticut and to abide by the Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code, this contract and any addendum, as well as other University publications/policies. Residents assume total responsibility for their room/suite/apartment/house and for the behavior and activities which occur within all assigned living areas. Applicants and/or residents cannot exchange money or favors for a room assignment. Failure to fulfill the terms of the above may lead to termination of this contract, removal from on-campus housing, and a community standards process resulting in a sanction, including but not limited to expulsion.
Resident Responsibilities. 7. The Resident will:
Resident Responsibilities. In providing services and in participating in the activities of the Program, the Resident agrees to do the following:
Resident Responsibilities. The resident shall immediately notify the property manager of the damage to the dwelling unit that is hazardous to life, health, or safety of the occupants. The resident agrees to continue to pay full rent, less the abated portion, during the time the defect remains uncorrected.
Resident Responsibilities. The Resident agrees to observe all applicable rules and regulations of UNC, its Department of Housing & Residential Education (including but not limited to these Terms & Conditions, the Housing & Residential Education Handbook and Student Code of Conduct), and the applicable statues of the State of Colorado and the United States. department of Housing & Residential education, Campus Box 38, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado 00000-0000, Phone: 000-000-0000, Fax: 000-000-0000. E-mail:
Resident Responsibilities. 4.1 The Resident has accepted and committed to the pharmacy residency program at Xxxxxxxxx and will not pursue a position elsewhere or sign a contract with another program. The Resident will be committed to attaining the program’s educational goals and objectives and will support the organization’s mission and values. The Residents’ primary professional commitment must be to the residency program.
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Resident Responsibilities. The position of resident involves a combination of supervised, progressively more complex and independent patient evaluation, management functions and formal educational activities. Among a resident's responsibilities in a training program of the University are the following:
Resident Responsibilities. In providing services and in participating in the Program, the Resident will:
Resident Responsibilities. Resident physicians are expected to:
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