Management Responsibilities Sample Clauses

Management Responsibilities. The exclusive representative recognizes the right and obligation of the School Board to efficiently manage and conduct the operation of the School District within its legal limitations and with its primary obligation to provide educational opportunity for the students of the School District.
Management Responsibilities. It is the obligation of the Board of Education to manage and conduct efficiently the operation of the school district within its legal limitations and with its primary obligation to provide educational opportunity for the students of the school district.
Management Responsibilities. The Union recognizes that the Employer has the obligation of serving its residents with the highest quality of care, efficiently and economically and/or meeting medical emergencies. The Union further recognizes the right of the Employer to operate and manage its facilities including but not limited to the right to require standards of performance and to maintain order and efficiency; to direct employees and determine job assignments and working schedules; to determine the materials and equipment to be used; to implement improved operational methods and procedures; to determine staffing requirements; to determine the kind and location of facilities; to determine whether the whole or any part of the operation shall continue to operate; to discipline, demote or discharge employees for just cause; to lay off employees for lack of work, to recall employees, to require reasonable overtime work of employees; to promulgate rules, regulations and personnel policies, provided that such rights shall not be exercised as to violate any specific provisions of this Agreement. The parties recognize that the above statement of management responsibilities is for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed as restrictive or interpreted so as to exclude those prerogatives not mentioned which are inherent in the management function. All matters not covered by the language of this Agreement may be administered by the Employer on a unilateral basis in accordance with such policies and procedures as it from time to time shall determine.
Management Responsibilities. The parties also recognize the right and obligation of the Employer to efficiently manage and conduct the operation of the System within its legal limitations and with its primary obligation to provide educational opportunities. The foregoing enumeration of Employer rights and duties shall not be deemed to exclude other inherent management rights and functions not expressly reserved herein, and all management rights and functions not expressly delegated in this Agreement are reserved to the Employer.
Management Responsibilities. 3:01 The Union understands and agrees to recognize that the function of managing and operating the plant shall rest solely with the Company, including but not limited to the hiring and directing of the workforce; the determination of the number of employees required to fill the various job classifications; the right to promote, demote, transfer, discipline, suspend and discharge employees for just cause; the determination of the qualifications of an employee to perform work; the location of the plant or plants, the type and quantity of products; the methods, processes and means of manufacturing; the making, publication and enforcement of rules for the promotion of safety, efficiency and discipline and for the protection of the employees and the Company's plant, equipment, products and operations. The exercise of these functions shall be consistent with the terms and provisions of this agreement and wherever they are inconsistent an employee will have the right to file a grievance.
Management Responsibilities i. Management will grant a leave of absence to a reservist or National Guard member for the period required to perform active duty for training (drills) in the Armed Forces of the United States. Employees are expected to give as much notice as possible, however the timing, frequency and duration of the military training are determined by the military authorities.
Management Responsibilities. 3.1 It is recognized that the government and management of the School District, the control and management of its properties, and the maintenance of its functions and operations are reserved to the Employer and that all lawful prerogatives of the Employer shall remain and be solely the Employer’s right and responsibility. Such rights and responsibilities belonging solely to the Employer are hereby recognized prominent, among which, but by no means wholly inclusive, are: All rights involving public policy, the rights to decide the number and location of schools and other buildings, work to be performed within the TESA/MEA/NEA, amount of supervision necessary, methods, schedules of work, together with the selection, procurement, designing, engineering and the control of equipment and materials, and the rights to purchase services of others. Regular bargaining unit employees, when available, will be given first consideration for substitute or extra-duty work.
Management Responsibilities. B-1 The Union recognizes that the Management of the Hospital and the direction of the working forces are fixed exclusively in the Hospital and shall remain solely with the Hospital except as specifically limited by the express provisions of this Agreement and, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the Union acknowledges that it is the exclusive function of the Hospital to: