Management Responsibilities Sample Clauses

Management Responsibilities. The exclusive representative recognizes the right and obligation of the school district to efficiently manage and conduct the operation of the school district within its legal limitations and with its primary obligation to provide educational opportunity for the students of the school district.
Management Responsibilities. The Union recognizes that the Employer has the obligation of serving the public with the highest quality of patient care and customer satisfaction, efficiently and economically, and/or meeting medical emergencies.The Union further recognizes the right of the Employer to operate and manage the hospital including but not limited to the right to require standards of performance and to maintain order and efficiency; to direct employees and to determine job assignments and working schedules; to determine the materials and equipment to be used; to implement improved operational methods and procedures; to determine staffing requirements; to determine the kind and location of facilities; to determine whether the whole or any part of the operation shall continue to operate; to select and hire employees; to promote and transfer employees; to discipline, demote or discharge employees for just cause, provided however, the Employer reserves the right to discharge any employee deemed to be incompetent based upon reasonably related established job criteria and exercised in good faith; to lay off employees for lack of work; to recall employees; to require reasonable overtime work of employees; and to promulgate rules, regulations and personnel policies, provided that such rights shall not be exercised so as to violate any of the specific provisions of this Agreement. The parties recognize that the above statement of management responsibilities is for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed as restrictive or interpreted so as to exclude those prerogatives not mentioned which are inherent to the management function. All matters not covered by the language of this Agreement shall be administered by the Employer in accordance with such policies and procedures as it from time to time shall determine.
Management Responsibilities. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Employer, through its designated management personnel, has the right and responsibility to direct and supervise the crew and the overall operation of the vessel, including the responsibility to establish work schedules, to regulate the use of all equipment and property of the University, and to institute rules governing conduct, appearance, dress and work procedures for employees as are reasonably required to maintain the efficiency and safety of the vessel. The Employer shall have the right to take whatever action is deemed necessary to carry out its responsibilities in an emergency situation.
Management Responsibilities. The Executive shall at all times perform his responsibilities and duties with appropriate care and consistent with his position as may be assigned by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company and shall at all times exercise reasonable judgment and discretion in the performance of such responsibilities and duties.
Management Responsibilities. 3:01 The Union understands and agrees to recognize that the function of managing and operating the plant shall rest solely with the Company, including but not limited to the hiring and directing of the workforce; the determination of the number of employees required to fill the various job classifications; the right to promote, demote, transfer, discipline, suspend and discharge employees for just cause; the determination of the qualifications of an employee to perform work; the location of the plant or plants, the type and quantity of products; the methods, processes and means of manufacturing; the making, publication and enforcement of rules for the promotion of safety, efficiency and discipline and for the protection of the employees and the Company's plant, equipment, products and operations. The exercise of these functions shall be consistent with the terms and provisions of this agreement and wherever they are inconsistent an employee will have the right to file a grievance.
Management Responsibilities. The Union recognizes the right of the Board to operate and manage the operation of the school district in accordance with its commitments and responsibilities, and to make and alter, from time to time, rules and regulations to be observed by employees. Such rules and regulations shall not be contrary to the provisions of this agreement. The Board shall always have the right to hire, assign, discipline, demote, and discharge employees for proper cause, subject to the provisions of this agreement and the Union's right to institute grievance procedure.
Management Responsibilities. In managing its business activities, Management will meet with the Union to inform and discuss with the Union representative major organizational changes, plans to in-source or out-source work, technological changes that will impact the bargaining unit, schedule changes, or other significant events. In addition, in the event the Company is directed by the customer to out-source work currently being performed by the bargaining unit, the Company will notify the Union in advance and will meet to discuss the situation and consider and collaborate concerning alternatives. If requested, the Company will provide the Union with the information as permitted by Customer regarding the proposed out-sourcing to help the Union prepare a business case for determining if the work can be retained by the bargaining unit. If a business case is presented, any proposed resolution other than outsourcing must be approved by each of the parties and the Customer before it can be implemented.Prior to initiating or changing Company work rules or schedules, Management will meet and consult with the Union Bargaining Committee to review the work rules or schedules, explain the reason for the change, and explore alternatives. Management will not change Company policies contrary to the terms of this Agreement except as by mutual agreement of the Union and Management.
Management Responsibilities. Following the creation of a Board of Directors, the Board of Directors will automatically succeed to all of the Managing Member’s management responsibilities under this Agreement (other than under this Section 5.10) and shall have all of the rights of the Managing Member under this Section 5 including, without limitation, the right to delegate the right and authority to manage and conduct the Company’s business and affairs to officers or employees (whether employed directly or seconded from another GMI Entity) of the Company. The responsibilities and authority of the Board of Directors shall be subject to the limitations and restrictions on the authority of the Managing Member (including the restrictions set forth in Section 5.3). All actions taken by the Board of Directors shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of its Directors.