Represent Sample Clauses

Represent. First Dental professionally before potential investors;
Represent. That Manager has held Senior Management positions in different companies in the Media Planning Group since January 1, 1994, having undertaken his professional career as a Manager in different Group companies. That the work performed by Manager falls within and is coherent with the precepts contained in Royal Decree 1382/1985, of August 1, which regulates the special-nature employment relationship of senior management personnel. That the employment relationship existing between the parties continues in effect, pursuant to the conditions which have heretofore been applicable, agreeing in the agreement now being signed the new conditions which shall govern the employment relationship starting from the effective date, pursuant to the provisions of Clause 1.7 of this agreement. That the purpose of both parties has always been and now likewise continues to be that the assumption of management functions, including the tasks of director in the company Media Planning Group, S.A., or in any Group Company by Manager may not prejudice his labor rights, the stability of his job nor the conditions of his severance. And, by common accord, the parties, mutually recognizing the necessary legal standing to bind themselves, have agreed to formalize the present Senior-Management agreement under the scope established in Article 4.1 of the aforementioned Royal Decree 1382/1985, being governed by the following
Represent. Hours construed to be, a guarantee of hours of work per day nor as to the days of work per week. The standard work week of forty (40) hours shall normally be scheduled on five (5) days per week or so as to average five (5) days of eight ( 8 ) hours and forty (40) hours per week over one complete cycle of a rotating schedule. Rotating schedules shall not provide for split days of rest or for work spans in excess of eight (8) consecutive days.
Represent. I.- That, on April 2, 2019, an agreement for novation and amendment (the “Amendment and Restatement Agreement”) was entered into under English law by, between others, the entity CITIBANK EUROPE PLC. UK BRANCH, as an agent, WILMINGTON TRUST (LONDON) LIMITED, as security agent, a number of financial institutions as lenders and a number of CEMEX Group companies, including the parent company CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V., which contains as Exhibit 3 a novated and consolidated version of the Facilities Agreement originally signed on July 19, 2017 (the “Original Facilities Agreement”) which has been notarized before me on this same date under the protocol number preceding the present one. The Original Facilities Agreement, as novated and amended over time and specifically under the Amended and Restatement Agreement, is hereinafter referred to as the “Facilities Agreement”.
Represent a) The Union shall notify the Board, in writing, of the name of each Xxxxxxx and the they represent and the name of the Chief Stewards, before the Board shall be required to recognize them. The Board recognizes the right of an employee to be represented by their Xxxxxxx in the presentation of complaints at any stage. Such Xxxxxxx shall obtain the permission of their Supervisor when presenting grievances or attending meetings with management involving the grievance procedure. Such permission shall not be unreasonably denied. Xxxxxxx attendance at complaint or grievance meetings shall be without loss of pay or benefits, when such meetings occur during regular working hours.
Represent and solve problems involving multiplica- tion and division. Third Grade teachers will support the success for all scholars ,by working closely with scholars and their families. As a school , we will : ⇒ Offer learning strategies and/or games in Parent Resource Office that families can implement / play to review vocabulary words or math facts, which have been introduced in the classroom. ⇒ Provide monthly parent workshops that will help increase their child’s i-Read and i-Ready ⇒ Provide websites/vital information on our family friendly website for building vocabulary and math skills. These websites will provide the instructional setting to increase literacy and math competency. Freckle - (students use their class code) i-Ready— Parent/Guardian Responsibilities Parents and teachers met to discuss how their continued involvement can support their student’s academic success. Visit the Parent Resource Office to check out reading and math activities or educational games to strengthen their reading and math at home. Attend monthly Parent Workshops that offer strategies, such as such as make and takes for Reading and Math. Will use the math and reading websites provided by their child’s teacher to help them at home. Our Third Grade teachers shared their ideas on what will make us successful scholars for the school year.