Renewals and Replacements Sample Clauses

Renewals and Replacements. For any renewal or replacement of a policy already in existence, at least thirty (30) days before expiration or other termination of the existing policy.
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Renewals and Replacements. Throughout the Term and any extensions thereof, EAN Network and its Subsidiaries shall at their sole cost and expense make all renewals and replacements to its Network as shall be necessary to satisfy all Performance Standards.
Renewals and Replacements. To avoid paper waste, we will send you and/or the Cardholder terms and conditions with the first Card we issue on your Account. We may not always include terms and conditions with renewal or replacement Cards. The most up to date version of the terms and conditions that apply to the Card can also always be found at
Renewals and Replacements. Unless otherwise indicated in Schedule 1 hereto, the “Replacement Rate” shall be the same as amount as the “Renewal Rate”. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Upline will be eligible to receive a Commission at the “Renewal Rate” for each year that a Medicare Product Enrollee remains enrolled in the Medicare Product for so long as the enrollee remains enrolled (subject to CMS and Aetna requirements related to plan changes). For Renewals, Aetna will pay the “Renewal Rate” set forth on Schedule 1 hereto as Aetna receives Premium from CMS on a monthly basis (i.e., 1/12 per month); provided, however, that, in accordance with Applicable Law, such Commission amount paid for a Renewal can not exceed 50% of the current year Initial Sale fair market value published annually by CMS. If a Commission payable on a Renewal would exceed 50% of the current year Initial Sale fair market value, Aetna will automatically adjust the Commission payment to comply with Applicable Law with or without notice. In Aetna’s sole discretion, Aetna may choose, if permitted by Applicable Law, to pay Commissions in advance of Aetna’s receipt of Premium from CMS. For example, if a “Renewal Rate” of $200 is payable, Aetna could pay $16.67 per month for such Renewal or pay the Commission in a lump sum of $200 in January of the Renewal year. Aetna will no longer pay a Commission on a Renewal if the Medicare Product Enrollee disenrolls from the Medicare Product and does not immediately enroll (i.e., no break in coverage) in a Medicare Product that is a Like Plan. Upline Agreement 2015 31 Replacements are payable only while this Agreement is in effect. For Replacements, Aetna will advance the “Replacement Rate” set forth on Schedule 1 hereto. If the Replacement has an effective date other than January 1st, a pro-rated amount of the “Replacement Rate” set forth on Schedule 1 will be paid, based upon the number of months the Medicare Product Enrollee will be enrolled in such Medicare Product within the initial calendar year. After the year in which the Replacement occurs, if the Medicare Product Enrollee remains enrolled in a Medicare Product that is a Like Plan, the Replacement will become a Renewal. Below is an example of how the Commission will be paid on a Replacement of a Medicare Advantage Plan under these circumstances, using $200 as the Commission rate payable for Replacement: Example Using Replacement Rate of $200 Effective Date Number of Months Paid Total Amount Paid 1/...
Renewals and Replacements. Renewals and replacements necessary for the operation of Weston 4 or the Weston New or Existing Common Facilities shall be made as required by Good Utility Practice, and shall be subject to WPSC's receipt of all necessary licenses, permits and approvals as contemplated by Section 25. Renewals, replacements, additions and retirements (and related dispositions and sales) shall be effected by WPSC subject to the terms of this Agreement and the Joint Operating Manual, and the general policies established by the Joint Plant Operating Committee. Retirements, sales and other dispositions of Weston 4 property shall be effected only in a manner consistent with the Companies' respective mortgage instruments or indentures, if any. <PAGE>

Related to Renewals and Replacements

  • Replacements and Replacement Reserve (a) Borrower shall cause Mortgage Borrower to comply with all of the terms and conditions set forth in Section 7.3 of the Mortgage Loan Agreement.

  • Maintenance and Repairs 7.1 Tenant shall, at its expense, throughout the Term and all renewals and extensions thereof, maintain in good order, condition and repair the Premises, including but not limited to heating and air conditioning equipment, walls, floors and ceilings, window exteriors, mechanical and electrical systems and equipment exclusively serving the Premises, electric light fixtures, bulbs, tubes and tube casings, doors, floor coverings, dock doors, levelers, plumbing system and plumbing fixtures, Tenant’s signs and utility facilities not maintained by Landlord. Landlord shall use reasonable efforts to extend to Tenant the benefit from warranties on such items, if any, that have been made by Landlord’s contractors or vendors and to extend to Tenant, as and if available, any bulk buying power that Landlord may have with such contractors or vendors. If any portion of the Premises or any system or equipment in the Premises which Tenant is obligated to repair cannot be fully repaired, Tenant shall promptly replace the same, regardless of whether the benefit of such replacement extends beyond the Term. Tenant shall, at Tenant’s expense, maintain a preventive maintenance contract providing for the regular inspection (at least quarterly) and maintenance of the heating and air conditioning system by a licensed and qualified heating and air conditioning contractor, or Tenant shall perform such HVAC inspection and maintenance with duly licensed and qualified employee. The cost of such preventive maintenance contract shall be paid by Tenant and an expense solely chargeable to Tenant; but if Landlord so elects, same may be billed directly by Landlord to Tenant where Landlord on Tenant’s behalf enters into such preventive maintenance contract and in such case shall be deemed Additional Rent (Landlord alone may so elect whether to enter into such preventive maintenance contract on Tenant’s behalf). Landlord shall have the right, upon notice to Tenant, to undertake the responsibility for preventive maintenance of any other system or component at Tenant’s expense. Tenant shall be responsible for janitorial services and trash removal from the Premises, at Tenant’s expense. Landlord and Tenant intend that, at all times during the Term, Tenant shall maintain the Premises in good order and condition and appearances reasonably commensurate with the balance of the Property. All of Tenant’s obligations to maintain and repair shall be accomplished at Tenant’s sole expense. If Tenant fails to maintain and repair the Premises as required by this Section, Landlord may, on 10 days’ prior written notice (except that no notice shall be required in case of emergency), enter the Premises and perform such maintenance or repair on behalf of Tenant; provided such entry is made in compliance with Applicable Laws, including but not limited to, the Marijuana code. In such cases, Tenant shall reimburse Landlord immediately upon demand for all costs incurred in performing such maintenance or repair plus an administration fee equal to 5% of such actual and reasonable costs or expenses.

  • Alterations and Repairs Lessee shall make no alterations of or additions to either the interior or exterior of the said premises without the written consent of Lessor. Any such additions to or alterations of the premises shall be made at the expense of the Lessee, and any such alterations of or additions to the premises, including any locks, bolts or security grating and hardware, shall become at once a part of the realty and belong to Lessor. Lessee, at Lessee’s sole cost, is responsible for all repairs and maintenance of the lease premises and shall keep and maintain said premises and appurtenances and every part thereof, including but not limited to the store front, exterior walls, doors, roof, plumbing, sewers, plate glass and other glazing, duct work, electrical wiring and lights, sign fixtures, canopies and sidewalks adjacent to the premises, floors, ceilings, fire sprinkler systems and the entire interior of the premises in good an sanitary order, condition and repair, making replacements as necessary. Lessee hereby waives all right to make repairs at the expense of Lessor as provided in Section 1942 of the Civil Code of the State of California, and all rights provided for by Section 1941 of said Civil Code. If, during the term of this Lease, in the judgment of Lessor, the Lessee shall fail to keep and maintain the premises in any respect required by this Paragraph, Lessor may do anything necessary to correct the problem by restoring the good and sanitary order and condition, or make the repair, provided that the Lessee shall have failed to correct such problem or make such repair within fifteen (15) days after receipt of notice from Lessor. Any amounts expended by Lessor to correct such problem or make such repair shall be deemed to be additional rental and is payable as such on the next day upon which rent becomes due. By entry hereunder, Lessee accepts the premises in their present order, condition and repair and agrees on the last day of said term or sooner termination of this Lease, to surrender unto Lessor said premises with the said appurtenances in the same condition as when received, reasonable use and wear thereof excepted. Lessee understands that Lessor makes no representations or warranties as to the physical or mechanical qualities of the premises. Any costs at the outset necessary to make the leased premises tenantable shall be borne by the Lessee.

  • Exchange and Replacement Subject to Section 7, this Warrant is exchangeable, upon the surrender hereof by the holder hereof at the office or agency of the Company referred to in Section 1, for new Warrants of like tenor and date representing in the aggregate the right to purchase the number of Shares which may be purchased hereunder, each of such new Warrants to represent the right to purchase such number of Shares as shall be designated by said holder hereof at the time of such surrender. Upon receipt by the Company at the office or agency referred to in Section 1 of evidence reasonably satisfactory to it of the loss, theft or destruction of this Warrant and of indemnity or security reasonably satisfactory to it (provided that the written indemnity of the holder hereof shall be deemed reasonably satisfactory to the Company for such purposes), the Company will deliver a new Warrant of like tenor and date in replacement of this Warrant. This Warrant shall be promptly canceled by the Company upon the surrender hereof in connection with any transfer, exchange or replacement. The Company will pay all expenses and charges payable in connection with the preparation, execution and delivery of Warrants pursuant to Section 7 and this Section 8.

  • Maintenance and Repair (a) Except for any Alterations that Tenant is permitted to make pursuant to this Lease, Tenant shall at all times put, keep and maintain the Leased Premises (including, without limitation, the roof, landscaping, walls, footings, foundations and structural components of the Leased Premises) in the same (or better) condition and order of repair as exists as of the Commencement Date, except for ordinary wear and tear, and shall promptly make all repairs and replacements of every kind and nature, whether foreseen or unforeseen, which may be required to be made upon or in connection with the Leased Premises in order to keep and maintain the Leased Premises in the order and condition required by this Paragraph 11(a). Tenant shall do or cause others to do all shoring of the Leased Premises or of foundations and walls of the Improvements and every other act necessary or appropriate for preservation and safety thereof, by reason of or in connection with any excavation or other building operation upon any of the Leased Premises, whether or not Landlord shall, by reason of any Legal Requirements or Insurance Requirements, be required to take such action or be liable for failure to do so. LANDLORD SHALL NOT BE REQUIRED TO MAKE ANY REPAIR, WHETHER FORESEEN OR UNFORESEEN, OR TO MAINTAIN ANY OF THE LEASED PREMISES IN ANY WAY, AND TENANT HEREBY EXPRESSLY WAIVES THE RIGHT TO MAKE REPAIRS AT THE EXPENSE OF THE LANDLORD, WHICH RIGHT MAY BE PROVIDED FOR IN ANY LAW NOW OR HEREAFTER IN EFFECT. Nothing in the preceding sentence shall be deemed to preclude Tenant from being entitled to insurance proceeds or condemnation awards for Restoration pursuant to Paragraphs 13(c) and 14(g). Tenant shall, in all events, make all repairs for which it is responsible hereunder promptly (but in any event shall commence actions to initiate such repairs as quickly as possible after the date Tenant becomes aware that such repairs are necessary, or, in the event of a Restoration pursuant to Paragraph 13(c) or 14(g), within sixty (60) days of the date insurance proceeds or a condemnation award has been paid to the Trustee (it being understood that Tenant shall take such steps as are reasonably necessary to protect and preserve the integrity and safety of the Leased Premises pending such payment) and shall diligently pursue such repairs to completion), and all repairs shall be made in a good, proper and workmanlike manner.

  • Removal and Replacement Except as otherwise required by statute, the Note Trustee may by writing or by deed remove a Receiver and appoint another in its place or to act with a Receiver and the Note Trustee may apply to the court for an order removing an administrative receiver.

  • TENANT’S MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR Tenant at its sole expense shall comply with all applicable laws and governmental regulations governing the Premises and make all repairs necessary to keep the Premises in the condition as existed on the Commencement Date (or on any later date that the improvements may have been installed), excepting ordinary wear and tear, including without limitation the electrical and mechanical systems, any air conditioning, ventilating or heating equipment which serves the Premises, all walls, glass, windows, doors, door closures, hardware, fixtures, electrical, plumbing, fire extinguisher equipment and other equipment. Any damage or deterioration of the Premises shall not be deemed ordinary wear and tear if the same could have been prevented by good maintenance practices by Tenant. As part of its maintenance obligations hereunder, Tenant shall, at Landlord’s request, provide Landlord with copies of all maintenance schedules, reports and notices prepared by, for or on behalf of Tenant. Tenant shall obtain preventive maintenance contracts from a licensed heating and air conditioning contractor to provide for regular inspection and maintenance of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems servicing the Premises, all subject to Landlord’s approval. All repairs shall be at least equal in quality to the original work, shall be made only by a licensed contractor approved in writing in advance by Landlord (which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld), and shall be made only at the time or times approved by Landlord. Any contractor utilized by Tenant shall be subject to Landlord’s standard requirements for contractors, as modified from time to time. Landlord shall have the right at all times (upon at least 24 hours’ prior notice) to inspect Tenant’s maintenance of all equipment (including without limitation air conditioning, ventilating and heating equipment), and may impose reasonable restrictions and requirements with respect to repairs, as provided in Section 7.3, and the provisions of Section 7.4 shall apply to all repairs. Alternatively, Landlord may elect to make any repair or maintenance required hereunder on behalf of Tenant and at Tenant’s expense, and Tenant shall promptly reimburse Landlord for all costs incurred upon submission of an invoice. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Section 7.1, in the event Tenant’s obligation for compliance with all applicable laws and governmental regulations, or making repairs, results in a capital improvement on Tenant’s part (or Tenant’s being obligated to reimburse Landlord for a capital improvement), Tenant shall only be responsible for the amortized cost of such capital improvement (amortized at a market cost of funds as reasonably determined by Landlord) over the useful life of such improvements during the Term (except in the event obligation for any such capital improvement is required due to Tenant’s particular use of the Premises, in which case Tenant shall be fully responsible for the entire cost and installation of such capital improvement).

  • Damage and Repair If, during the Term, the Retirement Community is damaged by a Minor Casualty, Tenant, or Operator if the Operating Agreement is in effect, shall with all reasonable diligence (i) proceed to process the claim with the applicable insurance carriers, including settling such claim, and to make the necessary arrangements with appropriate contractors and suppliers to repair and/or replace the damaged portion of the Facility and (ii) perform Operator's obligations with respect to such Minor Casualty pursuant to Section 15.01 of the Operating Agreement. If, during the Term, the Facility suffers a Total Casualty, this Agreement shall be terminable at the option of either party upon ninety (90) days' written notice to the other party. Such notice must be sent within thirty (30) days after the date of the Total Casualty. If, during the Term, the Facility is damaged by fire, casualty or other cause to a greater extent than a Minor Casualty, but not to the extent of a Total Casualty, or if the Facility suffers a Total Casualty but neither party elects to terminate under Section 10.1, Landlord shall, at its cost and expense and with all reasonable diligence, repair and/or replace the damaged portion of the Facility to the same condition as existed previously. Tenant shall have the right to discontinue operating the Facility to the extent it deems necessary to comply with applicable Legal Requirements or as necessary for the safe and orderly operation of the Facility. To the extent available, casualty insurance proceeds shall be applied to such repairs and/or replacements. If Landlord fails to so promptly commence and complete the repair and/or replacement of the Facility so that it shall be substantially the same as it was prior to such damage or destruction, such failure shall be a Landlord Default by Landlord. The parties agree that Landlord's obligations to repair and/or replace pursuant to the provisions of this Section 10.1 shall be limited to the extent of available casualty insurance proceeds (plus the amount of any applicable deductibles). The parties further agree that if Landlord is obligated to utilize such available casualty insurance proceeds to repay any obligations pursuant to any mortgage, then Landlord shall be entitled to an equitable extension of time (in which Landlord has to fulfill its obligations pursuant to the provisions of this Section 10.1) sufficient to allow Landlord to obtain the necessary funding to replace such spent casualty insurance proceeds and to make the repairs and/or replacements required hereunder. The parties further agree that Landlord's obligations to repair and/or replace pursuant to the provisions of this Section 10.1 shall be subject to Landlord's ability to obtain such entitlements and/or other governmental approvals as may be necessary to undertake such repair and/or replacement; provided that Landlord shall undertake good faith efforts to obtain such entitlements and/or approvals.

  • Replacements if any Temporary Global Note, Permanent Global Note, Definitive Note or Coupon is presented or surrendered for payment to any Paying Agent and such Paying Agent has delivered a replacement therefor or has been notified that the same has been replaced, such Paying Agent shall forthwith notify the Issuer of such presentation or surrender and shall not make payment against the same until it is so instructed by the Issuer and has received the amount to be so paid;

  • LANDLORD’S MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR Subject to Section 7.1 and Article XI, Landlord shall maintain in good operating condition and repair all parts of the Premises that are not Tenant’s obligation under Section 7.1 and all areas outside of the Premises including, without limitation, all portions and elements of the roof (including sky lights and related seals), foundations, footings, the exterior surfaces of the exterior walls of the Building (including exterior glass and doors), structural walls, passenger and freight elevators and the structural, life/safety, electrical and mechanical systems (except for HVAC systems and equipment) in or serving the Building, except that Tenant at its expense shall make all repairs which Landlord deems reasonably necessary as a result of the act or negligence of Tenant, its agents, employees, invitees, subtenants or contractors. Landlord shall have the right to employ or designate any reputable person or firm, including any employee or agent of Landlord or any of Landlord’s affiliates or divisions, to perform any service, repair or maintenance function. Landlord need not make any other improvements or repairs except as specifically required under this Lease, and nothing contained in this Section shall limit Landlord’s right to reimbursement from Tenant for reasonable maintenance, repair costs and replacement costs as provided elsewhere in this Lease (but subject to any limitations therein provided). Tenant understands that it shall not make repairs at Landlord’s expense or by rental offset. Tenant further understands that Landlord shall not be required to make any repairs to the roof, foundations, footings, the exterior surfaces of the exterior walls of the Building (excluding exterior glass), or structural, electrical or mechanical systems unless and until Tenant has notified Landlord in writing of the need for such repair and Landlord shall have a reasonable period of time thereafter to commence and complete said repair, if warranted. Except as set forth in Sections 2.4 and 4.2 of this Lease, all costs of any maintenance, repairs and replacement on the part of Landlord provided hereunder shall be considered part of Project Costs.

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