REMAINING Sample Clauses

REMAINING. PROCEEDS If there are Escrowed Funds remaining after final payment, those funds shall be returned to the provider of the unexpended funds.
REMAINING. If you would like to convert your Pre-Loaded Wallet to a “Pay As You Go” PopPay Account (“PopPay Account”), you can contact us at and request that your legacy Pre-Loaded Wallet be converted to a PopPay Account and have the value of any amount in your Pre-loaded Wallet will be transferred as Credits to your new PopPay Account. If you request this account conversion, you are responsible for verifying that any value in your Pre-loaded Wallet has been transferred to your new PopPay Account and must notify us in writing within 60 days after the Last Updated date, should you find any error or discrepancy. If you fail to notify us of any error or discrepancy in the amount between your legacy Pre-loaded Wallet and your new PopPay Account, you agree that the amount of credits in your new PopPay Account is accurate.
REMAINING. 02 consists of one share held by B. Team, one share held by R. Dxxxxx, xxe share held by J. Mxxxxxx xxx one share held by J. Mxxxxx. SCHEDULE 5.1.5 DIRECTORS & OFFICERS SH HOLDINGS CORP. Directors --------- Davix Xxxx Xxx Xxxxxx Xxxixx X. Xxxxx Xxxjxxxx X. Xxxm Robexx X. Xxxxxx Xxficers -------- Benjxxxx X. Xxxm President Jerrx X. Xxxxxx Secretary & Treasurer SH INTERMEDIATE CORP. Davix Xxxx Xxx Xxxxxx Xxxixx X. Xxxxx Xxxjxxxx X. Xxxm Robexx X. Xxxxxx Xxficers -------- Benjxxxx X. Xxxm President Jerrx X. Xxxxxx Secretary & Treasurer
REMAINING. The undersigned Vacating Tenant hereby agrees that he/she has completely vacated the property known as (insert address) or will vacate the property no later than (insert date). Vacating Tenant and Remaining Tenant(s) understand and agree that Remaining Tenant(s) shall continue to reside at the property and is subject to all the terms and conditions of the lease agreement and any renewals. Vacating Xxxxxx agrees to relinquish all rights to any sums which Landlord may be holding on behalf of Vacating Tenant, including but not limited to a security deposit, advance rent, any prepaid fees or charges and agrees that nothing is owed to Vacating Tenant by the Landlord or its agent(s). Vacating Tenant agrees to release, acquit, satisfy and forever discharge the Landlord, owner of the property, any other owners of the rental property, any agents of the owners, its owners, agents, employees and assigns, for and from all manner of action and actions, causes and causes of action, suits, debts, dues, sums of money, accounts, reckonings, bonds, bills, specialties, covenants, contracts, controversies, agreements, promises, variances, trespasses, damages, judgments, executions, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or in equity, which Vacating Tenant ever had, now have, or which any personal representative, successor, heir or assign, hereafter can, shall or may have, arising out of the tenancy. Vacating Tenant agrees to hold the Landlord, property owner and/or its agents, employees, and assigns harmless for damage or loss to any items or personal property left on or about the property by Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx.
REMAINING. #1. When selecting a family for a unit with accessible features, CMHA will give a preference to applicant families with disabilities who can benefit most from the unit’s features. First preference will be given to current resident families needing a transfer to an accessible unit, and second preference will be given to applicant families. If no family needing accessible features can be found for a unit with accessible features, CMHA will house a family that does not need the unit features. This housing offer is subject to the requirement in Section III - Tenant Selection and Assignment Plan, under which a non-disabled family in an accessible unit can be required to move so that a family needing the unit features can be housed.
REMAINING. (a) Unpaid Class A-1 Interest Shortfall __________ N-1 Class A-2 Certificates ----------------------
REMAINING. (a) Unpaid Class A Interest Shortfall _______ Principal 5. Formula Principal Distribution Amount: _______ (a) Scheduled principal _______ (b) Principal Prepayments _______ (c) Liquidated Contracts _______ (d) Repurchases _______ 6. Pool Scheduled Principal Balance _______ 7. Unpaid Class A Principal Shortfall (if any) following prior Remittance Date _______ 8. Class A Percentage for such Remittance Date _______ 9. Class A Percentage for the following Remittance Date _______ 10. Class A principal distribution: (a) Class A-1 _______ (b) Class A-2 _______ (c) Class A-3 _______ (d) Class A-4 _______ (e) Class A-5 _______ 11. (a) Class A-1 Principal Balance _______ (b) Class A-2 Principal Balance _______ (c) Class A-3 Principal Balance _______ (d) Class A-4 Principal Balance _______ (e) Class A-5 Principal Balance _______ 12. Unpaid Class A Principal Shortfall (if any) following current Remittance Date _______ Class M-1 Distribution Test and Class B Distribution Test (applicable on and --------------------------------------------------------- after the Remittance Date occurring in February 2000)
REMAINING. (a) Unpaid Class A-6 Interest Shortfall __________ Class M-1 Certificates ----------------------
REMAINING. 6.6. Except as provided below, the Company will pay severance pay to eligible employees as follows: (a) Regular employee(s) who are permanently released from employment because of reasons beyond the control of the employee concerned, or in accordance with the provisions of Article 3.2(b), shall be given an allowance of one and one-half (1.5) weeks’ base pay at the rate of pay at the time of release for each full year of continuous service. Should this calculation yield a result of less than eight (8) weeks of pay, the impacted employee(s) will be provided eight (8) weeks of severance pay. Additionally, the calculation will be capped at fifty-two (52) weeks of pay for any impacted employee(s).
REMAINING. (a) Unpaid Class A-1 Interest Shortfall ----------