Traditional IRA definition

Traditional IRA. Means an individual retirement account as defined in Code Section 408(a).
Traditional IRA means a traditional individual retirement
Traditional IRA. Means an individual retirement account as defined in Code section 408(a).ARTICLE III. PROVISIONS GOVERNING ROTH IRAsThis Article III shall only apply if this IRA has been designated by the IRA Holder on the Adoption Agreement as a Roth IRA.

Examples of Traditional IRA in a sentence

  • An individual who is partially or entirely ineligible to make contributions to a Xxxx XXX may transfer amounts of up to the yearly contribution limits to a non-deductible Traditional IRA (subject to reduction for amounts remaining in the Xxxx XXX plus other Traditional IRA contributions).

  • You may also establish a Xxxx XXX to receive rollover contributions or transfers from another Xxxx XXX or, in some cases, from a Traditional IRA.

  • Subject to the foregoing limits, you may also directly convert a Traditional IRA to a Xxxx XXX with similar tax results.

  • Although you may make a contribution to a Traditional IRA within the limitations described above, all or a portion of your contribution may be nondeductible.

  • When this is done, the IRA is known as a SIMPLE IRA, although it is similar to a Traditional IRA with the exceptions described below.

More Definitions of Traditional IRA

Traditional IRA means an individual retirement account or annuity described in Section 408(a), 408(b), 408(k), or 408(p) of the Code.
Traditional IRA means an IRA established under Internal Revenue Code Section 408.
Traditional IRA and "IRA" shall mean an Individual Retirement Account or Individual Retirement Annuity as described in section 408(a) or 408(b) of the Code respectively. This term shall be deemed to include in addition, an Individual Retirement Account established and maintained by an eligible employee pursuant to his or her participation in an employer’s Simplified Employee Pension Plan or "SEP plan."
Traditional IRA means an IRA described in §408(a) or (b) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Traditional IRA means the Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Program established under this Plan in accordance with Section 408(c) of the Code to which Members may make tax-deductible or non-deductible contributions.
Traditional IRA means an individual retirement account described in Section 408(a) of the Code, which is not a Xxxx Individual Retirement Account. At X. Xxxx Price, a Traditional Individual Retirement Account may consist of several types, including a Rollover IRA, a SEP-IRA (including a SARSEP IRA), and a SIMPLE IRA, although SIMPLE IRAs are established under a separate X. Xxxx Price custodial agreement.