Working Capital Sample Clauses

Working Capital. After the Loan is made, Borrower intends to have sufficient working capital, including cash flow from the Mortgaged Property or other sources, not only to adequately maintain the Mortgaged Property, but also to pay all of Borrower’s outstanding debts as they come due (other than any balloon payment due upon the maturity of the Loan). Lender acknowledges that no members or partners of Borrower or any Borrower Principal will be obligated to contribute equity to Borrower for purposes of providing working capital to maintain the Mortgaged Property or to pay Borrower’s outstanding debts except as may otherwise be required under their organizational documents.
Working Capital. Upon consummation of the Offering, it is intended that $450,000 of the proceeds from the sale of the Firm Units and Sponsor Warrants and EBC Warrants will be released to the Company to fund the working capital requirements of the Company.
Working Capital. In addition to the funds derived from the operation of the Property, Owner shall furnish and maintain in the operating accounts of the Property such other funds as may be necessary to discharge financial commitments required to efficiently operate the Property and to meet all payrolls and satisfy, before delinquency, and to discharge all accounts payable. Manager shall have no responsibility or obligation with respect to the furnishing of any such funds. Nevertheless, Manager shall have the right, but not the obligation, to advance funds or contribute property on behalf of Owner to satisfy obligations of Owner in connection with this Agreement and the Property. Manager shall keep appropriate records to document all reimbursable expenses paid by Manager, which records shall be made available for inspection by Owner or its agents on request. Owner agrees to reimburse Manager upon demand for money paid or property contributed in connection with the Property and this Agreement.
Working Capital. The parties recognize that, as of the Effective Date, the level of Working Capital funds, which shall be held in the Operating Accounts, is reasonably believed to be reasonably sufficient for the operations of the Hotel, subject at all times to seasonal differences and changes in circumstances after the Effective Date. Manager may from time to time during the Term request that Owner advance any additional funds necessary to maintain Working Capital at levels reasonably determined by Manager (with the concurrence of Owner) to be necessary to satisfy the needs of the Hotel. In the event Owner and Manager are unable to agree upon the need for and/or amount of additional Working Capital within thirty (30) days after Owner’s receipt of such written notice from Manager, Manager may increase the amount based on the CPI formula in Paragraph 4.04 above. If Owner and Manager agree upon the need for and amount of additional Working Capital and thereafter Owner does not so fund additional Working Capital within ten (10) Business Days after Owner’s receipt of a written request from Manager to fund such additional Working Capital, Manager shall have the right to withdraw an amount equal to the funds requested by Manager for additional Working Capital from future distribution of funds otherwise due to Owner. All funds so advanced for Working Capital shall be utilized by Manager for the purposes of this Agreement. Upon Termination, Manager shall immediately return the outstanding balance of the Working Capital to Owner.
Working Capital. The Company will have at the end of each period for which financial statements are required to be furnished pursuant to Section 9(H) hereof an excess of current assets over current liabilities (both as determined in accordance with GAAP consistently applied) of not less than $6,000,000.00, except that in determining current assets, any amount available under the Revolving Term Loan Supplement (less the amount that would be considered a current liability under GAAP if fully advanced) hereto may be included.
Working Capital. On the Effective Date, Owner will advance to Manager, as Working Capital, an amount equal to $1,500 multiplied by the number of Guest Rooms. Upon notice from Manager, Owner shall have the right, without any obligation and in its sole discretion, to advance additional funds necessary to maintain Working Capital (“Additional Working Capital”) at levels determined by Manager to be reasonably necessary to satisfy the needs of the Hotel as its operation may from time to time require within ten (10) Business Days of such request. Any such request by Manager shall be accompanied by a reasonably detailed explanation of the reasons for the request. If Owner does not advance such Additional Working Capital, Manager shall have the right, without any obligation and in its sole discretion, to fund Additional Working Capital within ten (10) Business Days after such initial ten (10) day period. All such advances shall be Owner Working Capital Advances or Additional Manager Advances, as applicable. If neither party elects to fund Additional Working Capital, Manager may elect, by notice to Owner given within thirty (30) days thereafter, to terminate this Agreement, which termination shall be effective thirty (30) days after the date such notice is given; upon such termination, Owner shall pay Manager the Termination Fee, within sixty (60) days of the effective date of termination, as liquidated damages and in lieu of any other remedy of Manager at law or in equity, and such termination shall otherwise be in accordance with the provisions of Section 11.09.
Working Capital. The Directors, after due and carefully enquiry, are of the opinion that following the Bonds Purchase, after taking into account the financial resources available to the Group, including internally generated funds and the available banking facilities, the Group has sufficient working capital for its present requirements for at least the next 12 months from the date of this circular.