Net Price definition

Net Price means, with respect to the purchase of any Property by Borrower or any Subsidiary, without duplication, (i) cash and Cash Equivalents paid as consideration for such purchase, plus (ii) the principal amount of any note or other deferred payment obligation delivered in connection with such purchase (except as described in clause (iv) below), plus (iii) the value of any other consideration delivered in connection with such purchase or sale (including, without limitation, shares in the REIT and operating partnership units or preferred operating partnership units in Borrower) (as reasonably determined by Agent), minus (iv) the value of any consideration deposited into escrow or subject to disbursement or claim upon the occurrence of any event, minus (v) reasonable costs of sale and taxes paid or payable in connection with such purchase.
Net Price means the current price listed in the supplier’s effective price list or catalog, less any applicable trade or cash discount.
Net Price as defined in Section 2, Definitions of Attachment 2, Scope of Work is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following: Net Price - The final price paid by the Customer after applying all MSRP discounts and MSRP Credits. The Net Price for Base Equipment, OEM and Non-OEM Option(s), Part(s), Accessory(ies), and Implement(s); and their respective features, equipment, and components shall include all charges for the Commodity, including but not limited to packing, handling, freight, distribution, transportation, startup, pre-delivery, delivery, inspection, installation, construction, assembly, title, and registration. The Contractor may include shipping charges for OEM and Non-OEM Options, Parts, Accessories, and Implements that the customer orders separately from the Base Equipment. Additional charges for a Commodity shall not be charged outside of the Net Price unless expressly authorized within the Scope of Work. Charges and fees in excess of those that existed at the inception of the Contract may be extended to the Customer only if the amount of the increase is attributable to changes in market conditions. Prior to extending any such charge or fee to the Customer, the Contractor must request the Customer’s approval by submitting documentation and justification for extending the amount of the charge or fee. The Contractor must explain the changes in market conditions that resulted in the charge or fee, identify the entity that determines and will receive the charge or fee (e.g., Manufacturer), and provide the methodology used to determine the amount of the charge or fee extended to the Customer. The amount of the charge or fee extended to the Customer shall not exceed the difference between the amount of the charge or fee at the time the Contractor requests the Customer’s approval and the amount of the charge or fee that existed at the inception of the Contract. The Customer may approve or deny the charge or fee request. If deemed necessary by the Customer or the Contractor, the request may be escalated to the Department by submitting the same documentation that was submitted to the Customer to the Contract Manager. The Department reserves the exclusive right to approve or deny the escalated charge or fee request. If the charge or fee request is denied, the Contractor may withdraw the PQF. After obtaining written approval to extend the charge or fee, the approved amount of the charge or fee must be listed separately on the PQF The Contractor ...

Examples of Net Price in a sentence

  • The list must be dated and the format should be consistent with the format of the price list(s) including in the NYS Net Price appendix of this Piggyback Contract.

  • The price list should separately include and identify (e.g., by use of separate worksheets or by using italics, bold and/or color fonts):• Price modifications• Products being addedThe State reserves the right to require a revised NYS Net Price List at any time during the Piggyback Contract period, and it will be requested if there have been numerous updates since the last complete update.

  • However in case of any amendment in the Excise Duty / Import Duty / VAT / CST law during the validity of the contract, its effect shall be adjusted accordingly in Net Price.

More Definitions of Net Price

Net Price means the amount a drug costs the Division and is calculated using the following formula: OR-AAAC, minus CMS Basic Rebate, minus CMS CPI Rebate, minus State Supplemental Rebate;
Net Price. ’ means the difference between the manufacturer’s wholesale price for infant formula and the re- bate level or the discount offered or provided by the manufac- turer under a cost containment contract entered into with the pertinent State agency.
Net Price means the delivered price of Product to the customer, less Gavilon’s Logistics’ Costs (as communicated to Producer by Gavilon at the time the Parties enter into a Confirmed Order) to deliver such Product from the Facility to the customer, expressed in dollars per ton. Thereafter, any variance in Logistics Costs occurring with respect to each such Confirmed Order shall be for Gavilon's account.
Net Price means the final price paid by any Customer after all sales discounts, price reductions, sales rebates, volume discounts or similar adjustments of any kind are applied, whether under the original contract of purchase or any supplemental, separate, or complimentary transaction.
Net Price shall refer to the price extended to New York State. Net price shall include all customs, duties and charges and include delivery of F.O.B. destination to any point in New York State.
Net Price means […***…].