Prototypes Sample Clauses

Prototypes a. Prototypes and other similar non-production material will be accepted by the Customer and may not meet the quality criteria described herein. Customer may not use this material for production shipments.
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Prototypes. The Customer and the Supplier shall agree on and document the manufacturing and test conditions for pre- series parts. The objective is to manufacture the parts under near-production conditions.
Prototypes. During Phase 1 Cedara staff may develop mock-ups, prototypes, or demonstrators as they determine may best help achieve the goals of the phase.
Prototypes. MKS is committed to price all Items consistent with contract prices. MKS agrees to provide prototype Items priced considering the total value of Applied's business with MKS. This may be accomplished in several ways, including:
Prototypes. TAEC will use all commercially reasonable efforts to provide Prototypes within the total turnaround time defined in the appropriate DPA and expressed as working weeks from Tape-out.
Prototypes. Upon Company’s request, University will, at the conclusion of the Project, assign and transfer to Company all University’s right, title and interest in and to the Prototype. Company must make a request in writing no later 30 days after the last day of instruction for the quarter in which the capstone project was completed, or January 15 for Fall/Winter projects or July 15 for Winter/Spring projects, whichever is later. If Company fails to make its request by this date, University retains ownership of the Prototype.
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Prototypes. As used herein, “Instrument Prototypes” shall mean the first functional Instrument prototype units, containing the planned hardware modules, enclosure and baseline software functionality to conduct assay integration, software integration, support hardware verification testing, develop manufacturing and test procedures and support preliminary reliability testing. Some components may not represent final parts (example: vacuum-formed instead of molded, machined instead of cast, etc). The software functionality will be limited at this stage and some workarounds may be required.
Prototypes. 6.1 Prototypes and proofs (where applicable) of all work including data generated by the Company for the purposes of the Contract shall be submitted for approval by the Client in accordance with the requirements detailed in the relevant Specifications.
Prototypes. All right, title and interest, if any should exist, to any prototypes, mock-ups, simulations, or other implementations (whether or not completed or functional) created, developed, realized, acquired, owned, or made by or on behalf of Seller or Xxxxxxxx (independently or with others), or in which Seller or Xxxxxxxx have a legal or equitable right of ownership, through the Closing Date, relating to any invention, modification, advance, technology, patent, or application referred to in Sections 1.1(i)(a) - 1.1(i)(b);
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