Quality Criteria definition

Quality Criteria means the quality standard as defined and amended, from time to time, by Trusted Shops the Member commitsto comply with by entering into this Membership Agreement. The Quality Criteria do also include the Performance Standards.
Quality Criteria means the quality criteria as outlined in Annex B attached hereto which may be amended with both partieswritten agreement (Section 14.2 below) and shall be consistent with the prestige of the TRADEMARKS, the TRADENAME and the goodwill and reputation associated with them;
Quality Criteria means the minimum standards expecting of the Participant in providing the services, products or works as set out in the Request for Quotes.

Examples of Quality Criteria in a sentence

  • Water Quality Criteria ReopenerThis permit may be modified or alternatively revoked and reissued to incorporate appropriate limits provided regular or conditional effluent monitoring indicates the need for any water quality-based limitations.

  • For required elements in the improvement plan, go to the Quality Criteria at: http://www.cde.state.co.us/uip/UIP_TrainingAndSupport_Resources.asp.

  • Applicable Beneficial Uses and Water Quality Criteria and Objectives..........................

  • Applicable Beneficial Uses and Water Quality Criteria and Objectives ..............

  • Methodology for Deriving Ambient Water Quality Criteria for the Protection of Human Health.

More Definitions of Quality Criteria

Quality Criteria means that PRODUCTS (including the BOTTLES and the PRESENTATION) shall be manufactured to the best standards of quality, utilising quality ingredients and materials, such that the standard of quality of the finished PRODUCTS and PRESENTATION is commensurate with that to be expected of luxury fragrance products of similar price and luxury to the PRODUCTS and shall be consistent with the luxury image associated with the Xxxxx Xxxx brand.
Quality Criteria means the quality criteria for the Waste, the Residual Waste and the Rejected Waste and for the Processed Waste required for the applicable waste management activity approved in this Approval;
Quality Criteria means measures used to determine physician
Quality Criteria means the check list of criteria referred to in Background section (c) which constitute the Annex 1 of this Document;
Quality Criteria means the steps taken to ensure the trustworthiness of the research process and the resulting findings (Nieuwenhuis, 2007:113). Quality criteria serve as indicators to demonstrate that the research was conducted in a responsible manner (Maree & Van der Westhuizen, 2012). Koshy (2010) highlights that reliability and validity form the cornerstones of any research should always be considered. With reference to qualitative research, Maree and Van der Westhuizen (2012) claim that instead of referring to reliability and validity, qualitative researchers prefer the conceptssoundness” or “trustworthiness”. Maree and Van der Westhuizen (2012) and Sikolia et al. (2013) further maintain that the trustworthiness of qualitative research can be increased by attending to credibility, transferability, dependability and conformability.
Quality Criteria a set of standards set by the Council in accordance with clause 19.6.7 (Payment for Business Cases) in respect of each Business Case to test that an FBC, PID or Stage (as the case may be) has been produced in accordance with such standards; “Quarter” a period of three consecutive Periods ending on 30 June, 30 September, 31 December or 31 March each Year and Quarterly shall be construed accordingly;