Termination by City Sample Clauses

Termination by City. Subject to Subparagraph 18D, and without limiting any other rights and remedies to which City may be entitled at common law, statutory law, or as elsewhere provided in this Lease, this Lease may be terminated by City if Lessee:
Termination by City. The City may terminate any or all of the services agreed to be performed under this Agreement without cause, at any time during the Term by giving the Consultant thirty (30) daysnotice in writing. Either party may terminate this Agreement with cause, immediately upon giving the other party written notice of such default or breach of this Agreement that is the basis for the termination.
Termination by City. The City Manager may terminate this Agreement at any time with or without cause, by providing written notice of the reason(s). The City Manager’s right to terminate Employee pursuant to this Section 3.4 shall not be subject to or in any way limited by the City’s Personnel Rules or past City practices related to the employment, discipline or termination of the City’s employees. Employee expressly waives any rights provided for the Community Development Director under the City’s Personnel Rules, Municipal Code, or under other state or federal law to any other form of pre- or post-termination hearing, appeal, or other administrative process pertaining to termination. Nothing herein, however, shall be construed to create a property interest, where one does not exist by rule of law, in the position of Community Development Director. Upon appointment to the Community Development Director position, Employee shall be an at-will employee serving at the pleasure of the City Manager.
Termination by City. 15.1.1 The City may terminate its performance and Concessionaire’s rights under this Agreement in the event of default by Concessionaire and a failure by Concessionaire to cure such default after receiving notice thereof, all as provided in this Section. Default by Concessionaire shall occur if Concessionaire fails to observe or perform any of its duties under this Agreement or if Concessionaire shall become insolvent, or if all or a substantial part of Concessionaire’s assets shall be seized for the benefit of Concessionaire’s creditors or if a receiver or trustee shall be appointed for Concessionaire. Should such a default occur, the Director will deliver a written notice to Concessionaire describing such default and the proposed date of termination. Such date may not be sooner than the 30th day following receipt of the notice. Director, in his reasonable judgment, may extend the proposed date of termination to a later date if the nature of the default requires more than thirty (30) days to cure. If prior to the proposed date of termination, Concessionaire cures such default to the Director’s reasonable satisfaction, then the proposed termination shall be ineffective. If Concessionaire fails to cure such default prior to the proposed date of termination, then City may terminate its performance and Concessionaire’s rights under this Agreement as of such date, at no further obligation of the City.
Termination by City. Upon termination of this Agreement by the City as provided in Section 11.1, the City shall pay the County for all Services performed up to the date of termination, as well as the costs of any and all non-cancelable obligations. The City, if required by the grant, shall also be responsible for repaying any grant funds applied towards the City’s portion of the Project up to the time of termination. The County shall notify the City within thirty (30) days of the date of termination of all remaining costs including non-cancelable costs and, if required, any grant funds owed. No payment shall be made by the City for any expense incurred or Services performed following the effective date of termination unless authorized in writing by the City.
Termination by City. CITY, by notifying CONSULTANT in writing, may upon 15 calendar days notice, terminate without cause any portion or all of the services agreed to be performed under this AGREEMENT. If termination is for cause, no notice period need be given. In the event of termination, CONSULTANT shall have the right and obligation to immediately assemble work in progress for the purpose of closing out the job. All compensation for actual work performed and charges outstanding at the time of termination shall be payable by CITY to CONSULTANT within 30 days following submission of a final statement by CONSULTANT unless termination is for cause. In such event, CONSULTANT shall be compensated only to the extent required by law.
Termination by City a. Subject to the notice and cure provisions of Section 501, City shall have the right, prior to the Construction Closing, to terminate this Agreement in the event of a default by Owner or failure of any condition precedent to the occurrence of the Closing which is in the control of Owner, including but not limited to the following:
Termination by City. City shall have the right to terminate this MOU in the event LVPRPF fails to comply with all the terms of this MOU, including all exhibits, unless such failure is caused by City. City’s right of termination shall be subject to a 15-day formal notice.