Sign Language Interpreters Sample Clauses

Sign Language Interpreters. Pre-certified sign language interpreters are responsible for obtaining certification by the end of the school year that aligns with the end of their provisional certification period per Minnesota State Statute 122A.31.
Sign Language Interpreters. Rate of Pay 22.29-1 Initial Placement for Sign Language Interpreters: Sign Language Interpreters who have earned a bachelor’s degree and have passed the EIPA Exam with a score of 3.5-5.0 with a passing score on the EIPA Knowledge Exam or national certification will be covered under the Teacher Collective Bargaining Agreement. Upon verification of credentials by the Human Services Resource Division, Interpreters will be placed on the OT/PT/SLI Pay Schedule listed in APPENDIX BTEACHER SALARY SCHEDULE based on years of experience that correspond with occupational and physical therapists currently on the OT/PT Pay Schedule.
Sign Language Interpreters. 1. Interpreters who are assigned to a school will work the normal work hours for school-based employees.
Sign Language Interpreters. The AOC will reimburse the Court for 50% of the cost of certified and court- qualified interpreters providing services under this Agreement.
Sign Language Interpreters. 1. All after school assignments shall be paid a two hour minimum.

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  • Governing Language This Agreement has been negotiated and executed by the parties in English. In the event any translation of this Agreement is prepared for convenience or any other purpose, the provisions of the English version shall prevail.

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