Preparations Sample Clauses

Preparations. No more than three (3) preparations per professor per term shall be the goal of the District and the Association. If more than three (3) preparations are necessary to meet particular needs of students or to meet the unique needs of a department, such additional preparations will only be assigned by the appropriate administrator following discussion with all affected members of the department. When such additional preparations are necessary, they shall be distributed equitably among department members.
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Preparations. 9.5 Past practice in assigning the number of preparations to faculty employees shall be maintained, except that a contract or regular faculty employee shall be assigned no more than three preparations of classes of three or more units in any quarter unless the faculty employee agrees to accept additional preparations. However, one additional preparation may be assigned if the total of four such assignments is needed to complete the employee’s full annual load. (This section may be reopened by either party at any time.)
Preparations a. Unless otherwise required by the appropriate administrator, no more than three different preparations per semester may be required of any instructor. Each division shall establish and/or maintain its established class selection policy, subject to approval by the appropriate administrator. Any changes in a full-time instructor's instructional program shall not occur until after consultation with the full-time instructor.
Preparations. No more than three (3) preparations per academic term shall be assigned unless such additional preparations are compensated in accordance with the formula contained in Article 25, Section B. Preparations shall be defined and assigned in accordance with the definition of preparation contained in Article 25, Section B. However, where an overload course(s) is assigned in accordance with subsection 1.a. above, the additional courses(s) assigned may carry an additional preparation(s).
Preparations a. No more than three (3) preparations per academic semester shall be assigned to a faculty member. Appropriate adjustments will be made for laboratory, studio, clinic, activity, performance groups and team-taught courses which are offered for only a portion of a semester or are related to other lecture preparations.
Preparations. When possible, without disrupting the normal class offerings, a maximum of three (3) separate class preparations may be assigned. A faculty member normally will not be assigned more than six (6) class preparations for classes of three (3) or more credits in an academic year. More than six (6) class preparations may be assigned with the approval of the individual instructor. When the number of preparations exceeds seven (7), the total credits assigned to the faculty member will be reduced by one (1) credit per each additional preparation.
Preparations. 1. As required by the assets appraisal, arranging the application form of assets appraisal for the entrustee and the appraised enterprise and assisting the appraised enterprise for assets declaration;
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Preparations. No more than three (3) preparations (different courses) per academic semester, or five (5) per academic year, shall be assigned to a faculty member, except where a faculty member agrees to a different type of teaching assignment, or where program structure dictates otherwise (e.g., Dental Technology, Nursing, Kinesiology).
Preparations. Every reasonable effort shall be made to ensure that teachers in grades 7-12 do not exceed three separate and distinct preparations daily.
Preparations. At the secondary level, it shall be the general practice to assign teachers no more than three (3) preparations. Where it is necessary to assign more than three (3) preparations, such assignments shall be reasonable and equitable and in the best interests of the students' and teachers' needs. Such assignments shall be made in consultation with the teacher, and the following guidelines shall be the criteria for such assignments:
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