PPA Sample Clauses

PPA. Positive Percent Agreement; NPA: Negative Percent Agreement; OPA: Overall Percent Agreement Figure 4 - Scatterplots and correlations of amyloid quantification values with individual biomarkers (A, C, E) and ratios (B, D, F) Correlation between SUVR values and CSF biomarkers was assessed by fitting quadratic linear models for all participants (black) and after stratifying by visual amyloid status (red and green). Shaded areas indicate 95% confidence intervals. Dashed vertical lines indicate the SUVR cutoff of 1.11 as in Xxxxxx et al. Horizontal lines correspond to cutoffs for each CSF biomarker and ratio.
PPA. The CCP Board shall have the authority to review, modify, and approve, as appropriate, all amendments, modifications, and supplements to the PPA.
PPA. The Pension Protection Act of 2006 including any regulations or other guidance issued thereunder.
PPA. Require any bidder to enter into a PPA with the Principal in relation to any Facility for which it is the Successful Bidder and to execute and return such PPA to NFPAS.
PPA. 10% PPA time to be included in teachers’ directed time budgets pending the outcome of the review of teacher workload agreement.
PPA. The major activities of PPA are the operation of Piraeus Port, including passenger cruise ship, passenger and car ferry terminals, car terminals, general cargo and container terminals, an oil pier, ship yard terminals services and related operations. It is also responsible for the maintenance of port facilities, the supply of port services (supply of water, electric current and telephone connections, etc.). PPA is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. Piraeus Port Piraeus Port is the hub for the connection of continental Greece with the islands, an international cruise center and a commercial hub of the Mediterranean. It is located in the commercially and strategically important shipping lane servicing, among other areas, Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean.
PPA. The Pension Protection Act of 2006, including any regulations or other guidance issued there under.
PPA. The Procurement will provide for a PPA to be entered into with the Developer that will set forth the Developer’s responsibilities for the design, construction, financing and operation of the Project. The PPA will provide, among other things:
PPA. Ancillary to the Definitive Agreement will be a PPA providing for IP's purchase of energy from Clinton for the period from Closing through December 31, 2004. In addition to such other terms, conditions and amplifications the parties may negotiate, the PPA will reflect the following basic understandings: IP will purchase and the Buyer will deliver to IP on an as-available (or Unit output) hourly basis the following percentages of the actual net electric output of Xxxxxxx: Year 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 % output 80 xx xx xx xx xx IP will pay for such output (with pricing reflecting all charges, including energy and capacity) at the following general price levels, provided, however, that such prices will be modified by mutual agreement to reflect seasonality (canted to strongly incentivize the Buyer to maximize output at Xxxxxxx during the summer months) and "on" and "off" peak periods on an hourly basis: Year 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Price per MWH $xx $xx $xx $xx $xx $xx
PPA. The power purchase agreement between the Parties regarding the QF, titled Standard Contract for the Purchase of Non-Firm Energy from a Qualifying Facility (also referenced as “QF Standard Offer Contract (Energy Only PPA)”).