Pledges Sample Clauses

Pledges. Notwithstanding any other provision set forth in this Credit Agreement, any Lender may at any time create a security interest in all or any portion of its rights under this Credit Agreement to secure obligations of such Lender, including, without limitation, any pledge or assignment to secure obligations to a Federal Reserve Bank in accordance with Regulation A of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System or any central bank, and this Section shall not apply to any such pledge or assignment of a security interest; provided that, no such pledge or assignment of a security interest shall release a Lender from any of its obligations hereunder or substitute any such pledgee or assignee for such Lender party hereto.
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Pledges. Upon the request of Cellectis to pledge, hypothecate or grant security interests in any or all of the Company Shares held by it, including to banks or financial institutions as collateral or security for loans, advances or extensions of credit, the Company agrees to cooperate with Cellectis in taking action reasonably necessary to consummate any such pledge, hypothecation or grant, including delivery of letter agreements to lenders in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to such lenders (which may include agreements by the Company in respect of the exercise of remedies by such lenders) and instructing the transfer agent to transfer any such Company Shares subject to the pledge, hypothecation or grant into the facilities of The Depository Trust Company without restricted legends.
Pledges. The Member shall have exclusive and absolute discretion to pledge all or any part of the Member’s membership interests to any Person at any time as collateral for any debt of the Member. The Member may make any such pledge under any terms and conditions that the Member deems appropriate.
Pledges. If any Partner or assignee at any time desires to pledge or hypothecate any or all of the interest in the Partnership then owned by him, he may do so provided (i) that such transaction is a bona fide pledge or hypothecation to a financial institution and (ii) that such financial institution at the time of such pledge agrees in writing to afford the other Partners a right of first refusal to repurchase the interest in the Partnership in the manner described in Section 6.5 in the event of the sale of such interest upon foreclosure.
Pledges. In addition to the assignments and participations permitted under the foregoing provisions of this Section 14.07: (a) any Lender may (without notice to the Borrower, the Administrative Agent or any other Lender and without payment of any fee) assign and pledge all or any portion of its Loans and its Note to any Federal Reserve Bank as collateral security pursuant to Regulation A and any Operating Circular issued by such Federal Reserve Bank, and such Loans and Note shall be transferable as provided therein; and (b) any Lender may (upon notice to the Administrative Agent and without payment of any fee) assign and pledge all or any portion of its Loans and its Note as collateral for financing, and such Loans and Note shall be fully transferable as provided therein. No such assignment shall release the assigning Lender from its obligations hereunder.
Pledges. Notwithstanding the provisions of this paragraph 4, ------- Executive may pledge any shares of Executive Stock to the Company to secure payment of the Executive Note.
Pledges. The Company acknowledges and agrees that any Purchaser may from time to time pledge, and/or grant a security interest in, some or all of the Securities in connection with applicable securities laws, pursuant to a bona fide margin agreement in compliance with a bona fide margin loan. Such a pledge would not be subject to approval or consent of the Company and no legal opinion of legal counsel to the pledgee, secured party or pledgor shall be required in connection with the pledge, but such legal opinion shall be required in connection with a subsequent transfer or foreclosure following default by the Purchaser transferee of the pledge. No notice shall be required of such pledge, but any Purchaser’s transferee shall promptly notify the Company of any such subsequent transfer or foreclosure. Each Purchaser acknowledges that the Company shall not be responsible for any pledges relating to, or the grant of any security interest in, any of the Securities or for any agreement, understanding or arrangement between such Purchaser and its pledgee or secured party. At the Purchaser’s expense, the Company will execute and deliver such reasonable documentation as a pledgee or secured party of Securities may reasonably request in connection with a pledge or transfer of the Securities, including the preparation and filing of any required prospectus supplement to any registration statement filed pursuant to the Registration Rights Agreement under Rule 424(b)(3) of the Securities Act or other applicable provision of the Securities Act to appropriately amend the list of selling stockholders thereunder.
Pledges. No Member shall be required to pledge such Member’s Membership Interests in the Company in connection with any financing to be provided to the Company without such Member’s prior written approval; provided that the Company may pledge or cause the pledge of the membership or other equity interests in any direct or indirect subsidiary of the Company to any third-party lender which pledge has been Approved by the Board.
Pledges. Notwithstanding any provision hereof, the undersigned (and his Specified Transferees) may at any time to pledge any Newco Securities Beneficially Owned by the undersigned (and his Specified Transferees) to any existing or future lender to whom any Newco Securities Beneficially Owned by the undersigned (and his Specified Transferees) are pledged pursuant to a bona fide financing incurred for investment or other purposes upon customary commercial terms without being subject to the provision of Section 2 of this Agreement, and such lender may foreclose on its security interest in and take title to such Newco Securities without being subject to the provision of Section 2 of this Agreement; provided, however, that, for the purposes of this Agreement, Transfers of such Newco Securities by the lender to a third party purchaser following foreclosure shall be subject to the provisions of Section 2 hereof.
Pledges. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth in this Agreement, SHR or RECO may pledge (such Member granting the pledge, the “Pledging Member” and the other Member, the “Non-Pledging Member”) its respective direct or indirect equity interests in the Company to a lender or financing source. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no such pledge shall be permitted (i) to the extent that such pledge (or the exercise by such lender or financing source of its rights under the pledge) would constitute a Prohibited Assignment under the Hotel Management Agreement or (ii) unless the Lender (as hereinafter defined) agrees to provide to the Non-Pledging Member at the same time a copy of any default or foreclosure notice delivered by such Lender to the Pledging Member. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, if any Member has pledged its Interests in the Company to a lender or financing source (a “Lender”) and such Lender has delivered a notice of foreclosure with respect to such Interests (the “Foreclosure Notice”), the Non-Pledging Member shall be entitled to Transfer its Interests without the consent of the Pledging Member, unless the foreclosure action initiated by the Lender has been withdrawn prior to the execution by the Non-Pledging Member of a letter of intent or agreement providing for a Transfer of its Interest to a qualified purchaser with access to sufficient capital to consummate the proposed purchase.