Photos Sample Clauses

Photos. Seller will not supply or instruct Broker to load any photos that were previously uploaded to the MLS by another company, even if Seller owns the copyright to such photos, unless Seller has the written permission from the broker who previously published the photos in MLS. Seller agrees Broker is not responsible to check past listings for photo compliance. Any claims in this regard will be handled as a dispute according to the terms of Paragraph 19 of this Contract.
Photos. All independent contractor positions are promotional engagements dealing with the public and may require the submission of photos for your record. We solicit photos from models of all races, genders, sizes, shapes and ages. All independent contractors are given equal opportunity for the promotions, events, and tours for which they are qualified. At a minimum you must submit one headshot and one body shot of a conservative nature. Professional photos are requested, but not required. Your photos should be clear and represent you well. Photos should be an accurate representation of your image and be no older than six months. If you submit photos older than six months, or your image has changed drastically since submission of your last photo, you must update your photos. Further, misrepresentation of your current image may make this Agreement subject to immediate cancellation and result in assessment of any fines or damages associated with your misrepresentation. On The Rocks does not pay for nor reimburse costs for headshots or photos or any professional expenses relating to contractor’s business.
Photos. (a) As needed, take digital or film based photographs of sites: site overviews; and views of loci.
Photos. All applications must include photographs of each type of your art that you expect to bring. We select artists based on the submitted photos. Photos need to be high quality and at least 300dpi. Submitted photos will be used for your artist profile on our website. All photos submitted with application, or photos taken by RAF staff and volunteers, may be used on the website, advertising materials, social media or any other promotion regardless of future participation in the event. SPACE ASSIGNMENTS We do not permanently assign spaces until the day before the festival. Once you arrive, staff will provide you with a packet of information and your booth location. Returning artists may request the same location as previous years, and new artists may request specific locations, but we do not guarantee locations. We will email you the set up details two weeks prior to the festival date. However, we will not inform you of your exact location until you arrive at the park to setup, so please do not contact us asking for your space number in advance. Please be advised your booth may be assigned to concrete, brick, grass or bark dust. Throughout the years trees in the park may be removed and replanted. We cannot guarantee booth placement for returning artists. BOOTH INFORMATION Booths will be offered in two sizes this year: 10x10, $100 10x20, $200 Booth size requests can be noted on the Art Vendor Application Form. Requests for sizes will be carefully considered, and every attempt to meet your request will be made. Availability of larger booth sizes will be limited. Depending on the number of requests for larger booths, it is possible we will have to prioritize assignment of larger booths to artists with larger pieces that require a larger booth to participate (sculpture artists for example). Booth payment will be due one month after you have been notified of your acceptance to the festival. Failure to pay the booth on time will result in you forfeiting your placement in the festival and we will select a waitlist artist to your space. Communication regarding acceptance to the festival will be conducted through email. Details regarding booth payment will also be communicated through email. Submitting booth payment will commit you to attending the 2022 festival. If you must cancel your attendance to the festival after payment has been completed, refunds will not be issued (outside of extenuating circumstances). If for any reason the festival is cancelled, a full refund o...
Photos. Broker  is  is not authorized to place interior photos of this property in the MLS System.
Photos. The photos included in the product page have to be related with the article or service proposed. It is forbidden to use logos of brands as a picture except in the categoryProfessional” of the site. It is forbidden to use the photos of other vendors without their approval. Those pictures are protected by Intellectual Property. ICS LIMITED reserves the right to modify the title of the product page for commercial reasons.
Photos. 16 – Any photos or videotaping taken during Amyclae Dance Academy classes or any attended events become the property of Amyclae Dance Academy and can be used for promotional purposes without compensation. By signing this form, any photographs, images or videotapes (in whole or in part) may be used in publicizing Amyclae Dance Academy in print or electronic media. ATTITUDE 17 - Disrespect towards staff, customers, or students by a dancer/family are grounds for dismissal from studio. NEWSLETTERS 18 - Communications with parents will be through monthly newsletters. Parents are responsible for knowing the information in the newsletters. I agree to the terms and conditions as stated above.
Photos a) EXTENSION will arrange for photographs to be taken throughout the County Fair and especially of trophy and plaque winners for 4-H, and FFA contests. [Photos must be taken at the conclusion of each and every show, with a list of the photos taken in order.]
Photos. Photos that may be appearing in the report are intended to assist the Client in locating and understanding a particular condition of defect the Inspector has noted in the narrative report. Photos are not meant to be exhaustive or to disclose all defects or conditions noted by the Inspector.
Photos. I understand that all Photos will be processed exclusively by Photographer at Photographers discretion, and that Photos made viewable to Client may not contain all Photos taken. I understand that Photographer does not perform retouching. I understand that Photos will be processed in accordance with Photographers artistic standards and will appear in black & white or color. I understand that Photographer cannot guarantee a ratio of black & white to color Photos, and that my gallery may contain no color Photos at all. COPYRIGHT I understand that all copyright privileges belong exclusively to Photographer, and that this Agreement is not intended to, nor does it transfer rights or privileges to Client or to any third-party who may discover Photos. CLIENT USE OF PHOTOS I understand that the digital file Photos that are being provided to me are licensed to me alone for any reasonable personal use, including but not limited to: printing and web publishing. I understand that the Photos may not be transferred and that my license does not include use that re- sults in financial gain, including but not limited to: advertising, stock photography, print sale profits, or resale of any nature. I understand that Photographer retains the copyright to all images and derivative works thereof, per USC Title 17 (US Copyright Law). I agree that I will not alter the Photos in any manner, including but not limited to: filters, cropping, color processing etc., without express written permission from Photographer. I understand that I may share social size Photos on my personal social media websites permitted that I tag @jenfairchild_com and @1ns_table and link back to and where possible.