Photos Sample Clauses

Photos. Seller will not supply or instruct Broker to load any photos that were previously uploaded to the MLS by another company, even if Seller owns the copyright to such photos, unless Xxxxxx has the written permission from the broker who previously published the photos in MLS. Seller agrees Broker is not responsible to check past listings for photo compliance. Any claims in this regard will be handled as a dispute according to the terms of Paragraph 19 of this Contract.
Photos. All independent contractor positions are promotional engagements dealing with the public and may require the submission of photos for your record. We solicit photos from models of all races, genders, sizes, shapes and ages. All independent contractors are given equal opportunity for the promotions, events, and tours for which they are qualified. At a minimum, you must submit one headshot and one body shot of a conservative nature. Professional photos are requested, but not required. Your photos should be clear and represent you well. Photos should be an accurate representation of your image and be no older than six months. If you submit photos older than six months, or your image has changed drastically since submission of your last photo, you must update your photos. Further, misrepresentation of your current image may make this Agreement subject to immediate cancellation and result in assessment of any fines or damages associated with your misrepresentation. On The Rocks does not pay for nor reimburse costs for headshots or photos or any professional expenses relating to contractor’s business. Any photos submitted may be used by On The Rocks or its clients for promotional purposes.
Photos. As a participant of the rental agency’s trips, the traveler allows the arranger to take photographs during the trip which can then be used in print material as well as on the internet for marketing purposes for the rental agency.
Photos. St. John’s reserves the right to use student photos and videos for school publications, website, advertising, and official social media pages, including publications for the diocese, ANSAA, and other official organizations. All such photos and videos become the property of St. John’s School for both current and future use. If parents do not want their children to appear in school photos or videos, they must sign a waiver in the office.
Photos. (a) As needed, take digital or film based photographs of sites: site overviews; and views of loci.
Photos. Photos provided may be used in advertising and promotion of sale. For benefit of consignor, photos and this con- tract must be in the hands of auction company 30 days prior to sale in order to be in the catalog and to appear in any national publication. HOWEVER, later consignments will be accepted and offered for sale. PLUS e-mailed jpeg shots will be posted on our web site up to 5 days before auction.
Photos. If not completed already in the application, the Vendor must send photos of items to be sold to as soon as possible with the Subject Title: Vendor Photos and specify which vendor (include your name and contact number).
Photos. All applications must include photographs of each type of your art that you expect to bring. We select artists based on the submitted photos. Photos need to be high quality and at least 300dpi. Submitted photos will be used for your artist profile on our website. All photos submitted with application, or photos taken by RAF staff and volunteers, may be used on the website, advertising materials, social media or any other promotion regardless of future participation in the event. SPACE ASSIGNMENTS We do not permanently assign spaces until the day before the festival. Once you arrive, staff will provide you with a packet of information and your booth location. Returning artists may request the same location as previous years, and new artists may request specific locations, but we do not guarantee locations. We will email you the set up directions two weeks prior to the festival date. However, we will not inform you of your exact location until you arrive at the park to setup, so please do not contact us asking for your space number in advance. SET UP Set up will begin on Friday, June 28, 2019 from 1-6pm. If you prefer to wait until Saturday, set up will begin at 6am on Saturday and 6am on Sunday. Set up times will be assigned to you in advance. To access the park for setup, you will have to enter from 0xx Xxxxxx. From there we will direct you to your space. Please remain on hard surfaces when driving to your space and do not drive on the grass. Please unload and move your vehicle out of the park before setting up your booth to make room for other traffic. All vehicles must be out of the park by 8am on both Saturday and Sunday. Event staff will be available to help direct you to your space assignment. Vehicles will not be allowed into the park until after the event is closed. Please pack up your booth BEFORE bringing your vehicle in to load. You are responsible for bringing your own tent, table and chairs. Because of the in-ground sprinkler system, TENT STAKES ARE NOT ALLOWED. Please arrange for some alternative method for securing your tent/canopy (such as water-filled milk jugs). Your set up should be complete and ready by 8:45am on Saturday. People do start going through the park early, especially in warm weather, and we have no way of keeping them out.