Permitting Sample Clauses

Permitting. The following describes each of the Major Governmental Approvals required for the construction of the Project and the status thereof:
Permitting. The goal of this task is to obtain all permits required for work completed under this Agreement in advance of the date they are needed to maintain the approved Agreement schedule. Permit costs and the expenses associated with obtaining permits are not reimbursable under this Agreement. Permits must be identified in the Permit Status Letter and issued before the Recipient can expend grant funds to complete activities for which a permit is required. The Recipient shall: • Prepare a Permit Status Letter that documents the permits required to conduct this Agreement. If no permits are required at the start of this Agreement, the Recipient will document this in the Permit Status Letter. The Permit Status Letter must include the following information for all permits required during the course of the Agreement: o the type of permit; o the name, address, and telephone number of the permitting jurisdictions or lead agencies. o the schedule the Recipient will follow in applying for and obtaining each permit. • Submit a copy of any permits required for work completed under this Agreement, if requested by the CAM. • Notify the CAM if, during the course of the Agreement, permits are not applied for or obtained according to the schedule provided in the Permit Status Letter, or applications for permits are denied, in writing within 10 working days of the date exceeded or notification of the permit denial. Either of these events may trigger a Critical Project Review meeting. • Prepare for discussion of the Permit Status Letter including the schedule for obtaining each permit at the Kick-off meeting (Task 1.2), and a deadline for submitting a revised Permit Status Letter (if needed), and copies of permits obtained will be developed. The impact on the project if the permits are not obtained in a timely fashion or are denied will also be discussed. If applicable, permits will be included as a line item in progress reports and will be a topic at Critical Project Review meetings. • Provide the CAM with an Updated Permit Status Letter if, during the course of the Agreement, additional permits are identified as being necessary to complete tasks under this Agreement, including the appropriate information on each permit and schedule for acquiring permits. Products: • Permit Status Letter including schedule for obtaining each permit. • Written notification of permit delay or denial, if applicable, within 10 working days of the date exceeded (pursuant to permit schedule date(s), noti...
Permitting. A. PacifiCorp or the DRE (as applicable) shall comply with all federal, state, and local laws and obtain all federal, state, and local permits related to Interim Measures, to the extent such laws and permits are applicable.
Permitting. Neither Purchaser nor any Person who, either alone or together with its Affiliates, owns or has owned 10% or more of the capital stock, membership interests or other equity interests of Purchaser is or has been subject to any bond forfeiture, permit suspension, permit block, or permit revocation that would prohibit or materially adversely affect the transfer or holding of any of the Coal Mining Permits or Environmental Permits. Neither Purchaser nor any Person “owned or controlledby Purchaser or any of its Affiliates nor any Person which “owns or controls” Purchaser has been notified by the Federal Office of Surface Mining or the agency of any state administering the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977, as amended (or any comparable state statute), that it is currently (a) ineligible to receive additional surface mining permits or (b) under investigation to determine whether its eligibility to receive such permits should be revoked, i.e., “permit blocked.” As used in this Section 4.6, the terms “own,” “control,” “owned” or “controlled” shall be defined as set forth in 30 C.F.R. Section 701.5 et seq.
Permitting. Elevator Contractor will use its customary and normal efforts to obtain the required State of Florida Elevator Installation Permit and approvals as required by Chapter 399 of Florida Statutes for the Elevator Company Scope of Work shown in Exhibit A but in no way shall be liable for delays or denial of such permits or for the permits required for Work by Others. Elevator Contractor Customer Florida Lifts LLC _ By By Date Date Exhibit A Scope of Work The Elevator Contractor hereby agrees to provide all labor and material as necessary to install one new and fully operational vertical platform lift at the following job location: Job Name: Arcade Lift Orlando, FL Contact: Xxxx Xxxxxx Phone: 000-000-0000 E-Mail: T he vertical platform lift specifications are as follows and assumes no fire rated walls will be penetrated:
Permitting. Central Xxxxxx and/or its qualified contractors shall obtain all Permits needed to construct the Second Tie. Upon the reasonable request of Central Xxxxxx, Con Edison shall execute and deliver such documents as may be necessary for Central Xxxxxx to obtain such Permits and shall otherwise reasonably cooperate with Central Xxxxxx'x efforts to obtain the Permits.