Permit Sample Clauses

Permit. Any permit, license (including seismic or geophysical licenses, where applicable), certification, concession, approval, consent, ratification, waiver, authorization, clearance, confirmation, exemption, franchise, designation, variance, qualification or accreditation issued, granted, given or otherwise made available by or under any Governmental Authority or pursuant to any Applicable Law.
Permit. (i) representatives of the Lender to (A) visit and inspect any of its properties and examine and make abstracts from any of its books and records at any reasonable time and as often as may reasonably be desired by the Lender (but, prior to the occurrence of an Event of Default, only upon not less than two Business Days' prior notice), and (B) discuss the business, operations, properties and financial and other condition of the Company with officers and employees of the Company, and with its independent certified public accountants, and (ii) representatives of the Lender to conduct periodic operational audits of the Company's business and operations.
Permit. “Permit” shall have the definition set forth in the Power Purchase Agreement.
Permit. “Permit” means any permit, certificate, license or other form of authorization or approval issued by a government agency or authority and legally required for the proper operation and use of the Hotel (including, without limitation, any certificates of occupancy with respect to the Hotel Improvements, elevator permits, conditional use permits, zoning variances and business licenses, but excluding Liquor Licenses) to the extent held and assignable by Seller or otherwise transferable with the Hotel.
Permit. Each of Acquiror and the Company shall use its reasonable best efforts (i) to cause to be filed with the California Commissioner, as soon as reasonably practicable hereafter, and in any event within 15 business days after the date hereof, the Permit Application and the Hearing Notice and (ii) to obtain, as soon as practicable following the execution of this Agreement, the permit approving the fairness of this Agreement and the Merger pursuant to Section 25121 of California Securities Law such that the issuance of the Acquiror Common Stock in connection with the Merger shall be exempt pursuant to Section 3(a)(10) of the Securities Act from the registration requirements of Section 5 of the Securities Act (the “Permit”). The Company and Acquiror shall notify each other promptly of the receipt of any comments from the California Commissioner or its staff and of any request by the California Commissioner or its staff or any other government officials for amendments or supplements to any of the documents filed therewith or any other filing or for additional information and shall provide each other with copies of all correspondence between such party or any of its representatives, on the one hand, and the California Commissioner, or its staff or any other government officials, on the other hand, with respect to the filing.
Permit. Each such renewal shall be valid for a period of three (3) years, provided that the Section 10(a) Permit remains in effect for such period.
Permit. The County may request the Contractor provide a Maintenance of Traffic permit if it falls on a County, City, or State roadway. Any fee associated with the permits will be paid by the County as a pass through fee by the Contractor. The Contractor is responsible for filing all appropriate permit forms to the appropriate agency in adequate time to assure permit issuance for the specific job.
Permit. Permittor hereby permits Permittee to enter upon Permittor's property located at , County of Sonoma, California, near Milepost , as described in the attached Exhibit A ("Premises"), which is incorporated by this reference, subject to all existing licenses, easements, encumbrances, and claims of title affecting Premises and upon the terms and conditions contained herein. No work shall commence on Premises until Permittee accepts this Permit. The doing of any work under this Permit shall constitute acceptance of these Permit provisions.
Permit. Any such Take will not be in violation of the MBTA. The MBTA Special Purpose Permit will extend to Covered Species listed under ESA and also under the MBTA after the Effective Date of the Section 10(a) Permit. This Special Purpose Permit shall be valid for a period of three (3) years from its Effective Date, provided the Section 10(a) Permit remains in effect for such period. The Special Purpose Permit shall be renewed pursuant to the requirements of the MBTA, provided the Permittees remain in compliance with the terms of this Agreement and the Section 10(a)