Owner or Operator Sample Clauses

Owner or Operator. ’ means (A) in the case of a vessel, any person owning, operating, or chartering by demise, such vessel, and (B) in the case of an onshore facility, and an off- shore facility, any person owning or operating such onshore facility or offshore facility, and
Owner or Operator. The owner or operator of any “facility or activitysubject to regulation under the NPDES program.
Owner or Operator when the owner or operator are separate parties, means the party that is obtaining or has obtained financial assurance.
Owner or Operator shall have the SWPPP preparer sign the “SWPPP Preparer Certificationstatement on the NOI prior to submitting the form to the Department.
Owner or Operator may terminate coverage when one or more the following conditions have been met:
Owner or Operator must keep the SWPPP current so that it at all times accurately documents the erosion and sediment controls practices that are being used or will be used during construction, and all post-construction stormwater management practices that will be constructed on the site. At a minimum, the owner or operator shall amend the SWPPP, including construction drawings:
Owner or Operator that has satisfied the requirements of Part II.C.2 above will be authorized to discharge stormwater from their construction activity in accordance with the following schedule:
Owner or Operator of a construction activity that is subject to the requirements of a regulated, traditional land use control MS4 must first prepare a SWPPP in accordance with all applicable requirements of this permit and then have the SWPPP reviewed and accepted by the regulated, traditional land use control MS4 prior to submitting the NOI to the Department. The owner or operator shall have the “MS4 SWPPP Acceptanceform signed in accordance with Part VII.H., and then submit that form along with a completed NOI to the Department.
Owner or Operator includes both of the following: