Owner or Operator Sample Clauses

Owner or Operator. As used in OSHA regulations, owner is the legal entity, including a lessee, which exercises control over management and record keeping functions relating to a building or facility. As used in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), operator means the person responsible for the overall (or part of the) operations of a facility (see reference in Article III, Section 47).
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Owner or Operator. As used in OSHA regulations, owner is the legal entity, including a lessee, which exercises
Owner or Operator. The Supplier represents, warrants and covenants that they are either the owner and operator of the Product or the operator of the Product.

Related to Owner or Operator

  • Operator The Optionee shall be the operator for purposes of developing and executing exploration programs.

  • Removal or Replacement of a Manager Any Manager may be removed or replaced without “Cause” at any time by a majority of the Board and each Manager may be removed and or replaced and our Board can be reconstituted for any reason by the Class C Member, if any.

  • Property Manager Any entity that has been retained to perform and carry out property rental, leasing, operation and management services at one or more of the Properties, excluding persons, entities or independent contractors retained or hired to perform facility management or other services or tasks at a particular Property.

  • Developer Developer shall construct and complete, in a good and workmanlike manner, the Work for the Guaranteed Maximum Price including any adjustment(s) to the Guaranteed Maximum Price pursuant to provisions herein regarding changes to the Guaranteed Maximum Price. Except as otherwise noted, Developer shall provide and pay for all labor, materials, equipment, permits (excluding DSA), fees, licenses, facilities, transportation, taxes, bonds and insurance, and services necessary for the proper execution and completion of the Work, except as indicated herein.

  • Leased Property Upon and subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth, Landlord leases to Tenant and Tenant leases from Landlord all of Landlord's right, title and interest in and to all of the following (collectively, the "Leased Property"):

  • Construction Manager The individual, partnership, corporation, joint venture, or any combination thereof, or its authorized representative, named as such by the District. If no Construction Manager is used on the Project that is the subject of this Contract, then all references to Construction Manager herein shall be read to refer to District.

  • Lessor The Lessor designated on this Lease and its respective successors and assigns. Lessor Indemnified Party: Lessor, any Affiliate of Lessor, including the Company, any other Person against whom any claim for indemnification may be asserted hereunder as a result of a direct or indirect ownership interest in Lessor, the officers, trustees, directors, stockholders, partners, members, employees, agents and representatives of any of the foregoing Persons and of any stockholder, partner, member, agent, or representative of any of the foregoing Persons, and the respective heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns of any such officer, trustee, director, partner, member, stockholder, employee, agent or representative.

  • CONSTRUCTION AND IMPROVEMENTS Concessionaire shall not affix, alter, or erect any permanent or temporary equipment, structures, buildings, or additions to the Concession Premises without first obtaining the prior written approval of Department.

  • The Property The Landlord agrees to lease the described property below to the Tenant: (enter the property information)

  • Landlord’s Representative Landlord has designated Xxxx Xxxxxxx as its sole representative with respect to the matters set forth in this Tenant Work Letter, who, until further notice to Tenant, shall have full authority and responsibility to act on behalf of the Landlord as required in this Tenant Work Letter.