Behavioral health services definition

Behavioral health services means mental health services as
Behavioral health services means services that consist of mental health services and substance abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment services.

Examples of Behavioral health services in a sentence

  • Behavioral health services, with the exception of MRO and 1915(i) services as described in Sections 3.13.1 and 3.13.2, are a covered benefit under the Hoosier Care Connect program that the Contractor is responsible for managing and reimbursing.

  • Behavioral health services may be provided during instructional time in English, reading, mathematics, and science if the public school governing authority and the behavioral health provider agree that it is in the best interest of the student.

  • Behavioral health services are the evaluation, management, and treatment of a patient with a mental health or substance use disorder.

  • Behavioral health services codes billed in a primary care setting must be reviewed for medical necessity, and, if appropriate, shall be paid by the Contractor.

  • Behavioral health services for the provider must account for at least 40% of total AHCCCS claims and encounters.

More Definitions of Behavioral health services

Behavioral health services means services to address mental health disorders and/or chemical dependence.
Behavioral health services means services that pertain to
Behavioral health services means services provided by a health care professional operating within the scope of the health care professional’s practice which address mental, emotional, medical, or behavioral conditions, illnesses, diseases, or problems.
Behavioral health services means mental health and substance use disorder treatment services.