Outage Sample Clauses

Outage. Neither the Refueling Outage nor any other outage shall ------ be in progress or continuing on the date of Closing;
Outage. “Outage” shall be defined as a measure of the time that Customer loses a signal or receives a signal so poor that it is unavailable.
Outage. An “Outage” will mean any fifteen (15) consecutive minutes during which Customer is unable to access the Subscription Services Platform. 5. Service Credits. Customer may obtain service credits if Supplier fails to meet any of the service commitments described in this Service Level Summary. The service credit(s) are limited to an amount equal to the then-current equivalent monthly recurring fees for the Subscription Services (the “Equivalent Monthly Fee”). In order to receive a service credit, Customer must notify Supplier’s Subscription Services Support by opening a case through Supplier’s online support site within twenty-four (24) hours of an Outage, or within thirty (30) calendar days of Supplier’s failure to meet any other service commitment as provided in this Service Level Summary. Supplier must verify the service commitment violation described in each case. Customer must submit a written request for a service credit, including the case number, to Supplier within five (5) calendar days of opening the case. The service credits are Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy in the event of Supplier’s failure to meet any of the service commitments provided in this Service Level Summary, and any other terms of this Agreement to the contrary notwithstanding, any liability of Supplier to Customer or any third party for any failure of Supplier to meet any of such service commitments or to otherwise provide the Subscription Services will not exceed an amount equal to the applicable service credits.
Outage. Delivery of outage indication for the following scenarios should occur from the head end collection system.
Outage. If requesting a delivery after normal business hours or your tank runs empty, an EMERGENCY DELIVERY FEE will be applied. Will be based on gallons delivered and/or hours (mileage).
Outage. We will attempt to provide the service to you with access 99.9% of the time. In the event that we fail to meet that goal your exclusive remedy is a reimbursement following payment in full. The reimbursement will be negotiated between you and us, but in no event will it exceed the cost of that month's service.
Outage. Any period of time during which the IMS, required by Section 5, is not fully operational in accordance with the requirements of this Agreement or is not accessible to the SFMTA.
Outage. The Operating Agent shall coordinate the duration and ------ timing of any scheduled outage(s) of facilities required for installation of the Interconnection Facilities with all
Outage. Without limiting the foregoing, Incumbent Field Technicians shall be on site as promptly as possible to restore operations after receipt of a Trouble Ticket identifying such Outage and shall restore operations, with a cumulative mean time to repair operations of two (2) hours from receipt of the Trouble Ticket.