Original Appointment Sample Clauses

Original Appointment. Initial appointment of a person to a position in the City service, or appointment after service has been interrupted by resignation, retirement, or discharge.
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Original Appointment. Every person appointed to a position in the classified service through an original appointment shall serve a twelve (12) month probationary period.
Original Appointment. Upon original appointment as a regular full-time member of the Brunswick Hills Police Department, the appointee shall be provided full initial uniform issuance, as approved and determined by the Chief of Police.
Original Appointment. (1) Start Rate: Initial compensation will be determined by the Employer.
Original Appointment. Original appointments from employment lists shall be tentative and subject to a probationary period of one (1) year of actual service.
Original Appointment. No Firefighter or Fire Captain shall receive a salary not in conformance with this section. The minimum rate for the classification generally shall be assigned to employees upon original appointment; provided, however, the Employer may, when circumstances warrant it, appoint, reinstate or promote at other than the minimum rate, but not more than the maximum rate.
Original Appointment. All original appointments shall be probationary and subject to a probationary period of six
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Original Appointment. Upon original appointment, employees shall be provided with all uniforms, professional in appearance, and equipment required by the Employer in quantities specified by the Employer.
Original Appointment. An employee will not be hired above the first step of the salary range for a position unless, after proper advertising, it has not been possible to find a qualified applicant who will accept the position at the first step. In all cases in which the employer intends on offering an outside applicant a salary about the first step, the same or higher salary offer must first be made to the current employees on the eligibility list seeking promotion to the same position.
Original Appointment. Original appointment to an academic position shall be made by means of a letter of appointment which becomes effective when a copy is returned with the appointee’s signature. The letter shall set forth the terms of employment including, by reference or definition, the duties and responsibilities of the position, the type and term of employment, the salary and the specific period of probationary status, if any. Any agreement for early tenure review must be included. The initial rank and salary agreements accepted by the candidate will be deemed to represent the understood conditions at the time of employment and shall not be subject to subsequent review for purposes of later adjustments.
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