Price Matching Sample Clauses

Price Matching. In the event that the Retailer, at its Land Based -------------- Stores offers a "Price Matching" policy, GSI's management shall have the right to use and adopt such policy for the Retailer's Web Site; provided however, GSI shall not under any circumstance, advertise or market the availability of this policy, and may offer it to customers only in GSI's sole discretion.
Price Matching. Any request for price matching of like devices or a device pool at alternative owned network locations under a Philips contract will have a six (6)-month waiting period before the contracts are reconciled.

Related to Price Matching

  • Salary Schedule A complete and accurate list (in all material respects) of the names and the current salary rate or each present employee who is presently scheduled to receive from SII a salary in excess of $1,000.00 during the year ending December 31, 1997, including in each case the amount of compensation received or scheduled to be received, and a schedule of the hourly rates of all other employees listed according to departments. (Schedule JJ.)

  • SALARY STEP PLAN AND SALARY ADJUSTMENTS 198. Appointments to positions in the City and County Service shall be at the entrance rate established for the position except as otherwise provided herein.

  • Earnings Credits The Fund shall receive a credit for each calendar month against such compensation and fees of the Custodian as may be payable by the Fund in an amount equal to the aggregate of its Earnings Credit for such calendar month. In no event may such credit be transferred to, or utilized by, any other person or entity, except to the extent permitted by law, and then only to or by The Dreyfus Corporation, its affiliates and/or any investment company now or in the future for which The Dreyfus Corporation or any of its affiliates acts as the investment adviser or administrator (each, a “Permitted Transferee”). The credit shall be applied as follows and only in the specified order:

  • Salary Adjustments The Employer may increase an employee’s step within the salary range to address issues related to recruitment, retention or other business needs. Such an increase may not result in a salary greater than the range maximum.

  • Salary Scale The salary scale applicable to Employees shall be set out hereinafter in the Wage Schedule.

  • Purchase Price Credit Adjustments If on any day:

  • Salary Adjustment The salary of an employee returning from uncompensated leave shall be adjusted to reflect all non-discretionary increases distributed during the period of leave. While on such leave, an employee shall be eligible to participate in any special salary incentive programs such as the Teaching Incentive Program.

  • Salary Scales Salary increases made pursuant to this Article shall not be subject to the limits of the general salary scales for employees of the Commonwealth.

  • Investment Credits The total fees due to the Transfer Agent from all funds affiliated with the Fund shall be reduced by an amount equal to the investment income earned by the Transfer Agent, if any, on the balances of the disbursement accounts for those funds. Such credits shall first be allocated to the Institutional Class, if any, of a Portfolio based upon the number of accounts holding shares of such Class relative to the total number of accounts holding all Classes of shares in the Portfolio. The Portfolio’s remaining fiscal year-to-date credits shall be allocated among accounts holding Class X, X0, X0, X, X0, X, X0, P, R, R5, S, Y, Invesco Cash Reserve and Investor Class Shares, as applicable, on the basis of fiscal year-to-date average net assets.

  • Vacation Credits A deduction from an employee’s vacation credits will be made for each day of approved vacation leave of absence as follows: (Prorating determined by length of workday. For an employee on Schedule 4, off on a ten (10) hour day, deduct 10/8 x 1 credit = 1.25 credits. For an employee on Schedule 4, off on a twelve (12) hour day, deduct 12/8 x 1 credit = 1.5 credits.) A partial day’s absence will be prorated on the same formula.