Partnership and Promotion Benefits Sample Clauses

Partnership and Promotion Benefits. CoF shall provide the following to CUOFCO as part of the CUOFCO’s Title Sponsorship for the Festival as outlined below:

Related to Partnership and Promotion Benefits

  • Separation Benefits Upon termination of your employment with Intuit for any reason, you will receive payment for all unpaid salary and vacation accrued to the date of your termination of employment; and your benefits will be continued under Intuit’s then existing benefit plans and policies for so long as provided under the terms of such plans and policies and as required by applicable law. Under certain circumstances and conditioned upon your execution of a release and waiver of claims against the Company, its officers and directors, you will also be entitled to receive severance benefits as set forth below, but you will not be entitled to any other compensation, award or damages with respect to your employment or termination.

  • Compensation Benefits In accordance with Section 142 of the State Finance Law, this contract shall be void and of no force and effect unless the Contractor shall provide and maintain coverage during the life of this contract for the benefit of such employees as are required to be covered by the provisions of the Workers' Compensation Law.

  • SHORT-TERM ILLNESS AND INJURY AND LONG-TERM DISABILITY Employees shall be entitled to coverage for short term illness and injury and long term disability in accordance with agreed upon regulations which will be subject to review and revision during the period of this Agreement by negotiations between the Parties and included as Appendix A to this Agreement.

  • Compensation and Fringe Benefits (a) The Company shall, during the Term of Employment, pay to the Executive as compensation for the performance of his duties and obligations a salary of $240,000 per annum. This compensation is subject to annual review and adjustment, as appropriate in the judgment of the Company. The compensation payable pursuant to this Section 5(a) shall be payable in equal semi-monthly installments on the last day of each such pay period.