Noting Sample Clauses

Noting. Annual leave may be granted in one or more periods.
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Noting. 2.1 A summary of the terms of this Protocol must be noted in the fisheries plans affecting the Protocol Area, but the noting:
Noting. A. The national and international importance of effective, rapid, coordinated and cooperative health sector responses to significant public health events including:
Noting. Annual leave may be granted in one (1) or more periods. • In accordance with the Holidays Act 2003, the employee shall be given the opportunity to take two (2) weeks leave at one (1) time. • Annual leave shall be taken to fit in with service/work requirements and the employee’s need for rest and recreation. • When an employee ceases employment, wages shall be paid for accrued annual leave, including shift leave, and the last day of employment shall be the last worked. • An employee may anticipate up to one (1) year’s annual leave entitlement at the employer's discretion.
Noting. The parties to this Deed apply to the Registrar to note, in the appropriate manner, at H.M. Land Registry the priority arrangements agreed in this Deed in so far as the same affect any registered land subject to the Security.
Noting. The willingness of the requested State to enforce sentences imposed by the Tribunal;
Noting. 3.1. The economic hardship experienced by employees with the continuous increase to the basic cost of living;
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Noting herein contained shall confer on the Employee any right to continue in the employ of the Company or any of its subsidiaries or shall interfere in any way with the right of the Company and/or its subsidiaries to terminate the Employee’s employment or change their responsibilities, duties, or compensation at any time.
Noting that . as currently drafted, some provisions of Annex 1 (Cooperation on Investment) to the Protocol on Finance and Investment may have unintended consequences for SAoc· Member States; FURTHER NOTING that some other provisions of the same Annex also fail to adequately balance · investor protection and development policy space for host States; RECOGNIZING that there is need to amend Annex 1 (Cooperation on Investment) to the Protocol on Finance and Investment with a view to address its shortcomings; HEREBY AGREE as follows:
Noting. 1.1 The domicilium executandi of the Council has changed, due to the relocation of the Secretariat. 2 The parties to the PSCBC hereby, unanimously agree to amend clause 22.3 of the Constitution of the PSCBC, to read as follows: “The domicilium executandi of the Council shall be Department of Education 000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx” 3 This agreement will come into effect once the amendment is certified by the Registrar in terms of section 57(3) of the Labour Relations Act, 1995.
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