New Regulations Sample Clauses

New Regulations. Both parties agree that prompt notification must be given to the other party upon receipt of any information regarding new or changed laws, rules or regulations affecting the traffic between the two parties and both shall cooperate in seeking immediate alternatives for the provision of the Services set forth herein, including but not limited to, (i) amend this Agreement pursuant to Section XX.C to reflect new conditions according to the new laws, rules or regulations, or (ii) if agreed by the parties, putting forward any relevant legal action, as the case may be against such new laws, rules or regulations.
New Regulations. The standards or regulations on which the permit was based have been changed by promulga- tion of amended standards or regula- tions or by judicial decision after the permit was issued. Permits may be modified during their terms for this cause only as follows:
New Regulations. In the event that the United States government, including, but not limited to the Environmental Protection Agency, and/or any other governmental entity, implements regulations during the term of this Agreement and such regulations make continued operation of the Plant materially and substantially uneconomical such that continued operation is no longer feasible, prudent and/or sustainable, Seller shall provide twelve (12) months’ written notice to Buyer of such fact, and provide sufficient supporting information to evaluate this claim (unless twelve (12) months’ notice is not commercially and/or legally feasible under the circumstances, in which case Seller shall provide such notice as is commercially and/or legally feasible under the circumstances). This Agreement will terminate at the time specified in such notice and neither Party shall have any further obligations hereunder except for those obligations which survive such termination, including, but not limited to, the indemnity provided in Subsection 6.5.
New Regulations. HR are currently reviewing risk assessments. Nothing new to add.
New Regulations. If the legislation of either Contracting Party or obligation under International Law existing at present or established hereafter between the Contracting Parties in addition to this Agreement contain a regulation, whether general or specific entitling investments by investors of the other Contracting Party to a treatment more favourable than is provided for by this Agreement, such regulation shall, to the extent that it is more favourable, prevail over this Agreement.
New Regulations. In the event that there are any New Regulations adopted by any Port Authority or recognized local body after the commencement of this Charter and for the currency of this Charter, which increase the liability or expense of the Vessel and/or require Owners to implement new measures or be responsible for new items, taxes, certificates, adjustment to either vessel or management, the costs of complying with the same to be for Charterers account including and not limited to any time lost to the Vessel as a result of the same unless Charterers agree to exclude such port/country or places affected by the New Regulations from the trading areas.
New Regulations. All proposed regulations shall be reviewed and vetted by the agency using a practical, common-sense test, borrowing from the well-known Four-Way Rotary test, to instill and improve South Carolina’s commitment to a competitive business climate and positive regulatory culture and the freedom of its citizens:
New Regulations. If, at any time after the date of signature of this Agreement, more onerous standards are required related to the Owner Facilities in accordance with applicable laws and/or regulations, then the Owner shall, after consultation with the User, modify, and/or add to, the existing Owner Facilities in order to meet the more onerous standards. The User shall, if relevant to the Work and/or Services cover a share of the cost of such modifications and/or additions to the Owner Facilities in proportion to its share of expected use of Services of all users of the Owner Facilities based on the remaining reserves reported in the latest official production profiles submitted to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.
New Regulations. The adoption by the Contracting Parties in WP29 of a new Regulation is the result of a long development process by the responsible Working Party. This also means that industry is often faced with a long period of uncertainty as to the exact content of the final Regulations in terms of scope, requirements and test procedures. This period of uncertainty only ends at the time of the final adoption of the Regulations and its subsequent date of entry into force. This date of entry into force is the date as from which approvals to this Regulation become possible; it also means that individual countries have the possibility to mandate this Regulation nationally. Such situation obviously can in some cases create severe difficulties to the manufacturers, especially when the development of the Regulation has "eaten up" available leadtime before mandatory application.OICA consequently suggests that a procedure be put in place such that WP29 should make a formal recommendation to Contracting Parties, for each new Regulation, regarding the appropriate delay between entry into force and first national enforcement.
New Regulations. Wheelchairs and other power‐driven mobility devices • Went into effect March 15, 2011 • Title II and Title III regulations are identical OPERATED BY