Local Body definition

Local Body means urban local body with different nomenclature such as municipal corporation, municipality, nagarpalika, nagarnigam, nagarpanchayat, municipal council including notified area committee (NAC) and not limited to or any other local body constituted under the relevant statutes such as gram panchayat, where the management of plastic waste is entrusted to such agency;
Local Body means, in respect of unorganized territory, a local body as described in the regulations; (“organisme local”)

Examples of Local Body in a sentence

  • The bidders shall not be under a declaration of ineligibility for corrupt and fraudulent practices, declared by any Government (Federal/Provincial/District), a Local Body or a Public Sector Organization.

  • No exemption or reduction of custom duties, excise duties, sales tax, works Contract tax, entry tax or any port duties, royalty, transport charges, stamp duties of Central or State Government or Local Body or Municipal Taxes or duties, taxes or charges, income tax whatsoever will be granted or obtained and all expenses of which shall be deemed to be included in and covered by the accepted rates.

  • Certificate issuing officer of Govt./Semi Govt./ Urban Local Body should not be less than the rank of Executive Engineer.

  • Credential Certificate:Credential certificate, issued by Govt./Semi Government/Urban Local Body, Shall only be accepted for assessing eligibility of a tenderer having the following information as per NIT: ** Bidder may use separate sheet for the above table.

  • No claim or exemption or reduction of customs duties, excise duties, sales tax, quarry or any port dues, transport charges, stamp duties or Central or States Government or Local Body or Municipal Taxes or duties, taxes or charges (from or of any other body), whatsoever, will be granted or obtained, all of which expenses shall be deemed to be included in and covered by the Schedule of Rates.

More Definitions of Local Body

Local Body means Urban Local Bodies (ULB) like Municipal Corporations, Municipal Boards or Town committees for the urban areas and Rural Local Bodies of Gram Panchayats for rural areas as defined in the respective notified Acts.
Local Body means a city corporation, a Municipal council, a township or a panchayat ;
Local Body means an area services board, local services board, local roads board, statute labour board, school board, district social services administration board, board of health and any other board, commission, body or local authority exercising any power with respect to municipal affairs or purposes in unorganized territory. 2006, c. 11, Sched. A, s. 15 (5).
Local Body means a Nagar Mahapalika, Municipal Board, Town Area Committee, Notified Area Committee, Zila Parishad, Kshettra Samiti, or a Gaon Sabha;