Monies Sample Clauses

Monies. All monies, deposit accounts, certificates of deposit and securities of the Borrower now or hereafter in the Bank's or its agents' possession. The Bank's security interest in the Collateral shall be a continuing lien and shall include the proceeds and products of the Collateral including, but not limited to, the proceeds of any insurance thereon. The security interest granted to Bank in the Collateral shall not secure or be deemed to secure any Indebtedness of the Borrower to the bank which is, at the time of its creation, subject to the provisions of any state or federal consumer credit or truth-in-lending disclosure statutes. SECTION
Monies. All references to monies in this Agreement shall be deemed to mean lawful monies of the United States of America unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing.
Monies all monies and other liabilities, whether principal, interest, commission, charges, costs, expenses or otherwise, which now are, or at any time hereafter may become, due to the Trustee by CWCO pursuant to the Agreement either alone or jointly with any other person whether actual or contingent and whether as principal debtor, guarantor, surety or otherwise;
Monies. AIBIFS shall account for and promptly pay over to a bank account nominated by the Company any sums received by AIBIFS on behalf of the Company.
Monies. All monies raised and spent through student activities are to go through the Student Council account. The treasurer of the Student Council is to keep an accurate account. All spending is to be done only with the approval of the faculty sponsor.