Ministry Sample Clauses

Ministry. 1.10.8. The Council of Ministers shall carry out the following duties and responsibilities:
Ministry. 18. As ccTLDs have a strong link with the identity of a country and its internet users, the Ministry is, as defined in RFC1591, a significantly interested party when it comes to the management of the .nz ccTLD. This is consistent with the Ministry's commitment to multistakeholder governance of the Internet.
Ministry. The Sovereign in right of New Zealand, acting by and through the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (Ministry).
Ministry. In accordance with Budget and Financial Reports a. Prepares b. Approves c. Provides to Minister applicable TB/MBC and Ministry of Finance directives a. CEO b. Board c. Chair and/or as required by the Minister At a date set by Compliance attestation a. Attests b. Approves c. Submits to Minister annual instructions a. CEO b. Board c. Chair See Guide to Chair/CEO Attestation for Board Governed Agencies for further details As required by Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act Salary Disclosure Information Agency
Ministry. (i) Church-Related Community Work is part of the ministry of the whole people of God and it is exercised by Church-Related Community Workers, ministers of Word and Sacraments elders and congregations.
Ministry. (4) Location
Ministry. C. Goals of the Ministry (What do you want to see happen to people or programs as a result of the student having been with you?) List at least three measurable goals.
Ministry. Respons- ibilities (How will this be accomplished?) List primary assignments that facilitate the goals listed above. Ministry Responsibilities Time Per Week (Including Prep)
Ministry. The Ministry of Communications and Transports. SHCP: The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público).