Stakeholders Sample Clauses

Stakeholders. The following Service Provider(s) and Customer(s) will be used as the basis of the Agreement and represent the primary stakeholders associated with this SLA: Service Provider(s): AgileBio (“Provider”) Customer(s): Client with running support/upgrades services (“Customer”)
Stakeholders. Internal supply for this project came from several sources. The Engineering Firm for Permitting was responsible for handling permitting for the project with the Parish and the Corp of Engineers. The Economizer Designer and Installer designed and built the steel structure to hold the economizer to the stack. The Foundation Designer designed the foundation for the economizer structure based on load calculations and subcontracted the construction of the structure’s foundation to the Foundation Installer. The Economizer Supplier manufactured the economizer for this project. The four sources of internal demand all came from within one company. The company’s Capital Engineering division was the owner and designer for this facility. As the owner and designer, the Capital Engineering division developed the need for the project, managed the project throughout the entire process, coordinated the design, and performed the design for tie-in to the plant infrastructure. The Turnaround Coordinator was responsible for coordinating all activities during the 2 week turnaround. The Turnaround Coordinator gave approval for all work conducted during the plant turnaround and made the decision to tie-in the stack until after turnaround. The Operations Division was responsible for the day to day operations at the plant. Operations gave approval for all work occurring in the plant and were the ultimate decision maker for upgrading the equipment. The company’s Construction Coordinator was the PM for this project and ensured that all work had proper approval and all contractors followed safety requirements. External stakeholders for this project consisted of the local Parish and the Corp of Engineers. Both parties gave approval for all new equipment at that location.
Stakeholders. 30. To support appropriate linkages and embed Agreement activities within existing programs and services, the Parties will communicate as appropriate with key stakeholders throughout the life of the Agreement, including through existing communication channels, mechanisms and forums. Part 7 — Governance of the Agreement‌ Disputes under the Agreement
Stakeholders. The following Service Provider(s) and Customer(s) will be used as the basis of the Agreement and represent the primary stakeholders associated with this SLA: IT Service Provider(s): Cybergate Services Private Limited. ("Provider") IT Customer(s): Your Company Name ("Customer")
Stakeholders. The primary stakeholders from the Supplier and the Customer will be responsible for the day-to-date management of the Agreement and the delivery of the service. If different from the Authorised Signatory details listed on page 1 of this Agreement, please provide the names of the primary stakeholders associated with this SLA.
Stakeholders. The Career Advantage Program (CAP) is a partnership between: • Student - undertakes extra-curricular coursework and workplacement. • Parent - supports their child, providing encouragement and motivation to complete. • Business Sponsor - provides financial sponsorship and a workplacement opportunity. • School CAP Coordinator - facilitates the enrolment, supports the student to set goals and milestones and monitors and reviews their progress. • Career Readiness Lead (CRL) - coordination of the program and the business sponsors. • Career Training Institute (CTI) - provides training and assessment in the global CAP courses. Student Participation Participation in the Career Advantage Program is a commitment by the student with a clear understanding that: • They are undertaking a full time course of study to complete their secondary school studies and obtain a recognised certificate of education. • In addition, they are committed to undertake an extra-curricular CAP course to broaden their learning experience, enhance career prospects and pursue personal goals. • They understands that there is an expectation to undertake 100 hours of work placement. • Course progress and workplacement documentation needs to be uploaded to the CAP Database in a regular and timely manner. • Payment of the debenture is based on successfully completing the coursework and reporting requirements. Successful completion Successful completion of the CAP course requires a minimum grade of ‘Competent’ for all units in the course. The global grading standards applicable to the CAP course include: • Each unit must be completed on time in accordance with the established course timeline. • Any unit received after the due date will be graded at the minimum ‘Competent’ level. • No units will be accepted after the final course cut-off date. • A credit will not be awarded for a unit for which there has been a breach of the plagiarism and cheating policy. This includes copying work, having others complete work and providing work to other students. • Each unit will be graded High Distinction, Distinction, Merit, Competent or RAW (requires additional work). This grade will appear on the CAP report which is made available to prospective employers.
Stakeholders. The following Service Provider(s) and Customer(s) will be used as the basis of the Agreement and represent the stakeholders associated with this SLA: Service Provider(s): FA FIVES Event Host (“Provider”) Customer(s): LimeLight Sports Ltd. (“Customer”)
Stakeholders. Stakeholders refers to those public and private entities within the 115 WRIA who reflect the diverse interests integral for planning, implementation, and 116 adaptive management for the recovery of the listed species under the Endangered 117 Species Act, which may include but are not limited to environmental and business 118 interests.
Stakeholders. The Europol function has numerous stakeholders across European law enforcement agencies as well as within the UK law enforcement community. Key Customers:
Stakeholders. The following Service Provider and Customer are the sole basis for this Agreement and represent the Stakeholders associated with this SLA: IT Service Provider(s): Jolly Technologies Inc. (“Service Provider”) IT Service Customer(s): [Customer Name] (“Customer”)