Local Sample Clauses

Local. An affiliated Local of the Union.
Local or “Local Union” or “the Union” means USW Local 2010 representing the Bargaining Unit as defined in Article 2: “Recognition and Scope”.
Local. – The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) directly chartered Local 901, Unit 2.
Local. Local AR shall consist of all AR received or to be received by the Clubs or Club Affiliates and not included in League Media AR or NFL Ven- tures/Postseason AR. For the avoidance of doubt, Local AR shall include revenues from the sale or license by Clubs of preseason game television rights.
Local the geographic area specified by SANParks in respect of the Project, being either within 50 km kilometre radius of the Restaurant Facility or within a 30 km reach of the boundaryof the Protected Area fence (but excluding boundaries to the neighbouring countries)
Local. A Contratante deverá fornecer acesso ao Local para a Contratada e aos seus agentes, funcionários ou Subcontratados autorizados para a execução de Serviços de acordo com os termos deste Contrato. A partir da Data de Início da Operação, a Contratante não deve trazer terceiros para o Local sem o prévio consentimento por escrito da Contratada. (ii) Site. Company shall provide access to the Site for the Contractor and for its authorized agents, employees or Subcontractors for the performance of Services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. As of the Initial Operation Date, Company shall not bring any third parties onto the Site without the prior written consent of the Contractor.
Local. An affiliated Local of the Union.APPENDIX “A” - DEFINITIONS AND ABBREVIATIONS PAGE #3 of 3
Local location is considered to be any point within the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Ontario, accessible by public transportation or within a twenty (20)
Local location is considered to be any point within the municipalities of Metropolitan Toronto and Mississauga, which includes Pearson Airport.
Local location shall be considered within a forty (40) kilometer radius of City Hall, and the major airport servicing each city.