Local Sample Clauses

Local. ‌ The Local Association may establish a committee of up to two (2) representatives to meet and confer with the institution Chief Executive Officer or their designee(s) at least four (4) times per year for the purpose of discussing policies and matters, other than terms and conditions of employment, of mutual concern or interest. However, in institutions or facilities with more than fifteen (15) teachers, the Local Association may have up to four (4) representatives on the committee. Meetings shall be held during normal working hours. The number of Employer representatives shall not exceed the maximum number of Association representatives.
Local. All controversies or differences concerning the apprenticeship program, which cannot be adjusted by the Local Apprenticeship Subcommittee (LAS) or by the CPOST, or which are not covered by the Memorandum of Understanding, may be submitted to the Administrator (the Chief of the Division of Apprenticeship Standards). Such controversies or differences must generally be presented to the LAS first. If issues still remain unresolved, they may be appealed to the statewide CPOST. The particulars of the CPOST appeal procedures are found in its own Standard Operating Procedures. Certain unresolved issues may be then submitted to the Administrator (the Chief of the Division of Apprenticeship Standards) for determination (See the Rules and Regulations of the California Apprenticeship Council).
Local. (a) The Metro Vancouver Area is the area extending to the exterior boundaries of West Vancouver, North Vancouver, University Area, Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Aldergrove to 264th Street, White Rock, Port Coquitlam and continuing in a direct line from the northern boundary of Coquitlam east to 240th (Albion). Kilometers and travel time beyond the Metro Vancouver boundaries will be paid as follows: (amount per day) North Side of Fraser River Zone A 240th Street to McCallum Road (Silverdale) $18.63 Zone B McCallum Road to Dewdney Bridge (Nicomen Island) $37.53 Zone C Dewdney Bridge and East (48 to 120 Kilometers) $46.98 South Side of Fraser River Zone A 264th Street to Gladwin Road (Abbotsford) $18.63 Zone B Gladwin Road to the Sumas Canal $37.53 Zone C Sumas Canal and East (48 to 120 kilometers) $46.98 North to Squamish Zone A Sunset Beach boundary to halfway to Porteau $ 4.05 Zone B From above to Porteau $18.63 Zone C Porteau to Murrin Park $37.53 Zone D Murrin Park and North (48 to 120 kilometers) $46.98
Local. If a settlement is not achieved at Stage 1 the matter shall be referred to a meeting with the site manager or other employer’s authorised representative, which shall take place no later than 14 days after completion of stage 1, or as otherwise mutually agreed. The employees invoking the procedure may seek representation from the full time official/ area secretary of the trade union who will visit the site. If the matter is not resolved within 14 days either party may refer the issue to Stage 3.
Local. (a) The Hospital agrees to recognize (as defined in the local provisions under L9) number of Negotiating Committee members as outlined in the local appendix to represent their respective bargaining units. This committee shall be comprised of the unit chairperson in addition to (as defined in the local provisions under L9) number of committee members to be elected or appointed from amongst employees in the Bargaining Unit who have completed their probationary period.
Local. Additionally, there will be established at each Center, a local Labor-Management Committee consisting of members, selected by the Employer and selected by the Union. The Chairman of the local Labor-Management Committee will be the Management Designee. This local Committee will meet at least quarterly or at such other times as the parties may agree for the purpose of discussing, exploring, and considering matters of mutual concern to the parties. The date and time of the meetings shall be determined mutually by the Employer and the Union and each party shall furnish to the other a brief description of each subject which it intends to discuss at such meeting and a list of attendees at least one (1) service week in advance. The Employer will compensate one designated representative from the Union for actual time spent in the meeting at the applicable straight time rate, providing the time spent in such meetings is a part of the employee’s regularly scheduled workday.
Local. CALLS mean calls originating and terminating with in the same local area, which are charged at local call rates and Remote SubscribersUnit (RSU)/ Remote Line Unit (RLU) and Concentrators having switching functions are to be treated as an exchange for the purposes of this definition.