Materials and Components Sample Clauses

Materials and Components. Abbott shall source all raw materials and components necessary for the manufacture of the Bulk Drug Substance, subject to the limitation on Xxxxxx’x obligation to cover the cost of purchasing PTA as described in Exhibit D (which limitation is based on the cost of the PTA as a cost component of the final manufactured Bulk Drug Substance). Such raw materials and components are included in the price of the Bulk Drug Substance.
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Materials and Components. Montage Plus system or approved equal including hollow steel posts, pickets, stabilizing bars and accessories, sizes and shapes as indicated on Drawings. Design intent is to be similar in appearance to adjacent existing iron fence constructed in 2009.
Materials and Components. The SWC and GC shall ensure that the relevant information for materials and components is available on site while installation work is being carried out. The SWC and GC shall retain all documentation.
Materials and Components. 3M Materials and Components" are materials and components that 3M uses in the 3M Products but are not included in the Purchased Assetsand for which there are no substitutes available from another supplier. 3M will supply 3M Materials and Components to Linvatec for the manufacture of 3M Products by Linvatec for one year from the end of the Supply Agreement at prices it charges to similar customers who purchase like quantities of the 3M Materials and Components.
Materials and Components. MTF will use Reasonable Commercial Efforts to provide, at its cost and expense, all materials, including Donor Tissue, equipment, machinery, facilities, components, and other resources required in connection with Processing of the Matrix hereunder. MTF agrees that it will conduct audits of its suppliers of materials, including Donor Tissue, and components of the Matrix hereunder on such basis as MTF may reasonably determine to monitor whether such suppliers are producing the materials and components in accordance with all applicable Laws and to determine whether such suppliers will continue to be able to supply a sufficient quantity and quality of such materials and components.
Materials and Components. Buyer shall reimburse Seller for its reasonable out of pocket costs for materials or components if Seller is unable to use the materials or components ordered to meet Buyer’s Firm Zone requirements due to Buyer’s (i) cancelled Purchase Orders; or (ii) failure to meet Firm Zone purchase requirements or (iii) changes in packaging or Labeling requested by Buyer, in each case where Seller is unable to use such materials and components in supplying a future Purchase Order.
Materials and Components. As a result of the execution of the Asset Purchase Agreement, Buyer has purchased from Seller all materials and components for assembly of Business Products (the “Inventory”). The Inventory and all other additional inventory items delivered to the Manufacturing Site will be kept at the Manufacturing Site without charge to Buyer.
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Materials and Components. The sourcing of all materials and components used in the manufacture of Products by JVC must be approved by Credence prior to such use.
Materials and Components a. CSI shall procure and pay for all materials and components necessary to manufacture the Product in all configurations.
Materials and Components. (1) NPS shall provide to Xxxxxx the NPS Supplied Materials, including the raw materials and components, all as set forth in APPENDIX 2 hereof. NPS shall provide Xxxxxx with proper manufacturers’ quality certificates and other appropriate data and certificates for these NPS Supplied Materials, as well as such other documentation as may be required by law, applicable Regulatory Authorities or as Xxxxxx may reasonably request. Furthermore, NPS shall specifically inform Xxxxxx if NPS Supplied Materials require any specific handling and/or processing.
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