Manufacturers Sample Clauses

Manufacturers. Furnish, or cause to be furnished to the Series 2007-1 Letter of Credit Provider, promptly after obtaining actual knowledge thereof, notice of any Manufacturer Event of Default or termination or replacement of an Eligible Vehicle Disposition Program;
Manufacturers. Promptly after obtaining actual knowledge thereof, notice of any Manufacturer Event of Default or termination or replacement of a Manufacturer Program;
Manufacturers. Licensee agrees that at no time during the license or sell-off periods shall it sell, directly or indirectly, to any of the Manufacturers listed below, or to any individual or entity affiliated in any manner with any of such Manufacturers, any Licensed Product(s) for subsequent sale or distribution, without prior written approval of Licensor.
Manufacturers. The Licensee shall have the right to arrange with another party to manufacture the Licensed Products or components thereof for exclusive sale, use, and distribution by the Licensee. Each such manufacturer shall be subject to UM’s prior written approval. If UM approves the use by the Licensee of a particular manufacturer, the Licensee agrees within ten business days of its receipt of such approval to enter into a written agreement with such manufacturer, and agrees to incorporate into such written agreements all of the provisions, for the protection of the rights of UM and PMI, which are contained in the form manufacturer agreement which has been prepared by UM for such purposes, and which is available from UM. The Licensee further agrees to furnish UM within 30 days of their execution copies of all agreements with such manufacturers.
Manufacturers. 1. Tandus-Centiva
Manufacturers. Promptly, but in any event within 5 Business Days, after obtaining actual knowledge thereof, notice of any Manufacturer Event of Default or termination or replacement of a Manufacturer Program or prospective change in any Manufacturer Program;
Manufacturers. Subject to compliance with requirements, provide products by one of the following:
Manufacturers. Where specification paragraphs or subparagraphs titled “Manufacturers” provide a list of manufacturers’ names, Design-Builder must provide a product by one of the manufacturers listed that complies with the requirements of the specification.
Manufacturers. IDRI shall not enter into any agreement for the manufacture of IDRI GLA for IDRI by a Third Party manufacturer, other than (a) with respect to limited-quantity production for purposes of evaluation by IDRI of the manufacturer, and/or by the manufacturer of IDRI, as to the propriety of IDRI’s engaging such manufacturer and (b) in instances in which a prior notice under this Section has been given by IDRI to Immune Design with respect to the same manufacturer or one of its Affiliates, unless IDRI has first obtained Immune Design’s approval of such manufacturer for such purpose, which approval (i) shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed and (ii) shall not in any case be withheld or delayed based on any reason other than a Deficiency, as defined below. Upon receipt of such notice, Immune Design shall have a period of *** days in which either to approve such manufacturer or to provide to IDRI a written statement of reasons, based upon all reasonably available information (which shall be stated in such notice by Immune Design) believed by Immune Design in good faith to be credible and to bear directly upon a Deficiency applicable to such manufacturer (a “Deficiency Statement”). If Immune Design does not deliver any such Deficiency Statement within such ***-day period, it shall be deemed to have approved the manufacturer. Any disputes under this provision as to the propriety of any Deficiency Statement shall be promptly resolved pursuant to Section 13.2 without the requirement to attempt to first resolve the dispute under Section 13.1; provided, however, that ***. Any such resolution finding that Immune Design’s Deficiency Statement was erroneous or otherwise unreasonable shall constitute an approval of the manufacturer by Immune Design for purposes of this Section. If the parties fail to agree on *** within *** days after the dispute is referred to arbitration, then *** pursuant to the arbitration rules referenced in Section 13.2; provided, that ***. As used herein, “Deficiency” means any of the following: ***. For clarity, no geographical, cultural, commercial or competitive consideration that is not founded upon the considerations listed in clauses *** above will be eligible to be a Deficiency.
Manufacturers. Consultant will identify certain manufacturers, factories, suppliers and facilities for the production of the Company's products, and will. manage such relationships on behalf of the Company as part of the Consulting Services hereunder. The Company will be solely responsible for the payment of any invoices, posting of any requires letters-of-credit, and any other financial aspects of the business relationship with such manufacturers, factories, suppliers and facilities. Consultant is responsible for delivery of prototypes, as set forth on Exhibit A. The Company is responsible for the cost of salesman samples, as well as the cost of production lines for the products designed hereunder.