Master Policy Sample Clauses

Master Policy. A copy of the master policy or policies of the insured benefit plans shall be given to the Union. In the event of a decision to change carriers, the Board agrees to implement the same coverage as described in the master policies or such other plan that the Union agrees is an appropriate substitution. No amendment to policy #503632, as amended with Sun Life of Canada shall be made without the written consent of the Union.
Master Policy. Subject to applicable law, the Company may, at any time, by written notice to the Insured, cancel this Policy, and such cancellation shall be effective as of the date of such notice, provided that the conditions of this Policy shall remain applicable to any Loans insured hereunder prior to such cancellation.
Master Policy. Notwithstanding the other provisions of Part II, Article 4, Manager is authorized and directed to obtain a master policy of insurance naming the parties described in Part II, Section 4.3 as additional or named insureds (as specified therein), in the amounts and for the coverages required by Part II, Section 4.1, which policy may be obtained by Integrated Health Services, Inc. or its affiliates and which may be a policy of a so-called "captive" insurance company.
Master Policy. A copy of master insurance policies as they apply to ETFO-YR shall be given to ETFO-YR within two (2) months of ratification of the Collective Agreement.
Master Policy. The Union shall be provided with a current copy of the HCN-Revera Lessee (Valley Stream Manor) GP Inc. benefit policy.
Master Policy. 9 B. Cancellation by the Company ............................................ 9 (1)
Master Policy. | Table of Contents Radian Master Policy Master Policy -------------------------------------------------------------------- In consideration of the premium paid, and in reliance upon the representations in the Application for Insurance, Radian Guaranty Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation (a stock mortgage insurance company hereinafter referred to as the "Company") agrees to pay to the Insured the Loss resulting from the Default of the Borrower, subject to all of the terms and conditions contained in this Policy. Conditions -------------------------------------------------------------------- Condition One - Definitions The following words and phrases shall have the specific meanings as set forth in this Condition One when used in this Policy:
Master Policy. 9 C. Termination of Coverage, Conditions Subsequent .................................................. 9 Condition Five -
Master Policy. The salient terms and conditions relating to the Plan set out above are not comprehensive and intended to only provide a brief overview of the Plan. In the event of any conflict, the provisions and interpretation of provisions of the Master Policy for the Plan shall prevail. The Master Policy for AXXESS PA Plus Takaful Plan can be found here. Please read the entire Master Policy so that you are aware of your rights, obligations and benefits of the Plans which you are entitled to. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POLICY SO THAT YOU ARE AWARE OF YOUR RIGHTS, OBLIGATIONS AND THE CASH AND BENEFITS YOU ARE ENTITLED TO AND THE EXCEPTIONS APPLICABLE UNDER AXXESS PA PLUS TAKAFUL.